It’s Showtime Again!

Kim Airs

It’s the middle of July and you know what that means? The All Star Game! Whoops, already happened and the National League spanked the American League again so that means the National League takes home field advantage for the World Series (and you thought you’d only learn about sex toys on this blog!).

Truth be told, it’s one of my favorite months because now, not only can I enjoy riding my motorcycle again (that pesky cast came off June 4 so I’m back to riding and not having  to fret about my sexual encounters, too), but I can also go this weekend to the always highly anticipated ANME Show in sunny Burbank, CA.

By now, you should all be familiar with ANME, what it stands for and why it exists. If not, do yourself a favor and scroll down to a few of my blogs and read about the show. It’s basically the adult toy industry’s Oscars, equivalent to Broadway’s Tonys, and well, the Olympics for sex
gizmos and gadgets like you’ve never seen before…

Let the games begin!

It all kicks off tonight with a cocktail party to see new faces, old faces, who’s where doing what, and all the other things that makes this business go zoom. I never miss it.

Tonight’s the party and tomorrow is when everyone gets to work, showing off the fruits of their labor, the culmination of countless hours to make their product the NEXT. BIG. THING. It’s pretty damn exciting, that’s for sure.

And what will that be? Remote control toys seem to be gaining more and more ground. Lubricants tend to be trending towards the natural, fewer ingredients angle; demographics are going for a younger crowd and one cannot underestimate the impact in the adult industry of that pesky but bottom line fattening trilogy of old fashioned books, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” I only wished I wrote it…

So think of this as the first installment of what’s new and exciting at the show as I’ll add to this blog as I come across that magic gizmo that will make the world a better place, that special lubricant that will make me slip into never never land, that toy that will bring me a lifetime of incessant pleasure… and they’ll all be at ANME.

See ya there….

QJOTB  (quick joke of the blog)

A guy went to a whorehouse for some action. He got a room on the 3rd floor and the guy said to his girl "There's a position I want to try."  He had her stand naked in front of the window and he stood naked on the other side of the room. The all of a sudden, he ran towards her with his bobbing hard on, he lost his balance and the two of them went crashing through the window and landed on the street, dead.

A drunk was sitting near where they landed, took a look, then stumbled to the front door of the whorehouse. The Madam said "Sorry, we don't have any girls for you." He said "Hey lady, I don't want one. I just want to tell you your sign fell down."

Off to ANME!