Be Prepared

Jamie J

Working in the Adult Entertainment Industry can really have its ups and downs (so to speak), and sometimes the way we handle these challenges can provide valuable lessons to others. Case in point are the experiences that Jamie J shares with us today:

I started out in the adult industry as a dancer. I had only been naked in front of a select few people, say nothing about an entire club full of horny men! I was young and single, and unsure how to handle myself in certain situations. I have always been very quiet and shy. My naivety was a bonus because the customers liked my freshness and innocence, but it was also a handicap, especially when it came to dealing with some of the men I met:

The first guy we'll call Gene. He seemed like a nice enough guy at first, but was obsessed with porn. Every night he told me that he could hook me up with the right connections to get me into some movies... yeah right. He somehow found out where I lived. He never knocked or tried anything, but every few days I'd find the same exact script on my mat. I told him to stop because at the time I wasn't interested in exploring any other avenues, but he was an extremely persistent person. I ended up breaking my lease and moving.

Luckily a new girl started working at the club who conjured up better fantasies than I did, and he quickly forgot about filming me doing the cable guy, the pool guy, the pizza guy, my mother and her 3 boyfriends, and anyone else who happened to be walking by my open windows.

The second guy was quite harmless, really. He really was a sweetheart. We hung out a lot at the club, and he'd buy me drinks even when I wasn't sitting with him. He'd occasionally buy me flowers, and I agreed to hang out with him outside the club. He was always very sweet, and we had fun hanging out and going out to eat. He respected the fact that I wouldn't sleep with him, and never tried to push me into anything. When my car broke down he'd bring me to and from work, and bring me anywhere I needed to go.

He started bringing me dinner into the club every night, and believe me chicken parmesan and cheesecake were a major improvement from pizza and fast food. I started getting roses every single night, even when I wasn't working. He always bought me gifts such as clothes and jewelry. One of the managers at the club got worried about what was going on and literally threw him out of the club one night. Needless to say I never heard from him much after that! I guess it was some sort of weird obsessive thing, and I'll never know just how out of hand it could have gotten.

The last guy had definite issues and psychological problems. I got bad vibes from him from the very beginning and tried to avoid him like the plague. He would come in every night to see me, and got jealous when I wouldn't sit with him. He became angry that I wouldn't accept drinks from him, but I didn't trust him. (Can you really blame me?) Well, I guess he finally got sick of not getting any attention from me at the club, so he decided to start following me home. He would be screaming about how much he loved me as I secured all the dead bolts on my door.

After a couple nights of that, the manager of my apartment asked me to politely pack my belongings and vacate the property as soon as humanly possible. I stayed with various friends, but he'd always follow me home and make a huge scene. I'd threaten to call the police and he'd leave me alone for a few days. It became a very unpleasant ritual ~ relocate, be harassed, a few days of peace, be harassed, relocate... I finally couldn't handle it anymore. Any of it ~ physically the moving, emotionally and mentally the malevolence, were taking their toll on me.

One night as he was ranting I ran outside with a camera in hand. He smiled dumbly as I took his picture, perhaps thinking I was having a change of heart towards him and his entire psychotic being. I had explained to the general manager at the club the situation that was going on. The next night I brought in the picture that I had taken and it was posted at the front door with specific instruction to all employees at the club that he was not allowed to set foot inside the door.

Every night I left work early and drove like a mad woman, in circles so that if I was being followed, I would throw him off and loose him. This seemed to be working and for a few weeks I began to relax. You'd think that he'd just give up and get over it. Nope, since he himself couldn't get into the club he found an older couple to come in claiming I was a teenaged runaway and they were my long lost parents and they needed information on how to find me. I have to say, it was a nice desperate attempt, and it gave us all a good laugh. I am just glad that no one in the club actually fell for it! I can honestly say that he was very hard to discourage. He somehow once again found out where I was staying. She ran and called the police while he tried to pull the crazy, bleeding, crying, psycho off me.

One night as I was leaving for work he came running out from the bushes at me. He grabbed me and screamed that he just wanted to love me. Why couldn't I see that? At this point he threw me down on to the ground and I gave him a good swift kick to the groin with both feet. Unfortunately my actions didn't go as planned and he came crashing down on me. I was struggling to get free and get away when he sat up and pulled a switchblade out of his pocket. I froze. I couldn't move, I couldn't even scream. "If I can't love you, no one will," he said as he cut his own wrists.

(WHAT?!?!?! Does this make sense to anyone else? Didn't think so!) Luckily my neighbors were coming by so I could give her a ride to work and witnessed what was going on. She ran and called the police while he tried to pull the crazy, bleeding, crying, psycho off me. Needless to say I had him thrown in jail, and got a restraining order for when he got out. Plus I was only slightly late for work!

As you can see I have had my fair share of odd experiences, ranging from minor to horrific. I have learned from them all though. Whenever I am out, whether it is dancing, or for a bar meet, a photo shoot, or other event, my man is always never far from me. What is the Boy Scout motto? Be Prepared. Yeah, sounds good to me!