CB-X - Locked-In Success

Scott Ross

A.L. Enterprises, a leading manufacturer of male chastity devices for the last decade, relaunched as CB-X in March to serve as the umbrella brand for the family-run business’ line of lightweight, hypoallergenic and easily customizable male chastity devices. Prior to the introduction of the umbrella brand, the company was primarily known as CB-6000, the name of their most popular product.

“With the growth of the company in the market and new products in development we felt now was the time to make these changes,” CB-X Corporate Director Nikki Yates. “In addition to building a stronger company image, CB-X will allow us to better protect our customers against being fooled by imposters.”

The company launched in 1999 by owner-designers Frank and Doris Miller, who saw an opportunity to create a more consumer-friendly male chastity device.

The company launched in 1999 by owner-designers Frank and Doris Miller, who saw an opportunity to create a more consumer-friendly male chastity device. Prior to CB-X’s entry into the market, male chastity devices were generally made of steel and custom fit by the maker, factors that drove the cost of the devices upwards of $1,000. CB-X decided to use a hypoallergenic, medicalgrade polycarbonate material instead of steel to create a lighter device that was more comfortable for long-term wear — and had the added benefit of being less expensive than steel devices. The use of a polycarbonate material also had the advantage of allowing wearers to travel without setting off metal detectors by replacing the padlocks with the numbered plastic licks from the kit. “By designing a product that people could fit into their everyday lives we created a niche for ourselves worldwide,” Yates said.

It also helped that CB-X was able to offer a male chastity device for just a fraction of anything else available on the market. In addition to the savings realized by switching to the polycarbonate material, CB-X was also able to reduce costs by removing the need for custom fitting by creating a design that allowed the customer to adjust the device to the proper fit without the assistance of the manufacturer. That same design feature had the extra benefit of allowing CB-X to manufacture its devices on a large scale, which resulted in further savings that were passed on to the consumer. The current CB-X male chastity line ranges from $149 to $159.

All CB-X device packages include a cage, the term for the penis-shaped housing, various sized pieces that facilitate the user’s self-customization, and a storage pouch. In addition, each device comes with a metal padlock and five individually numbered, one-time use, plastic locks for customers who need to pass through metal detectors. Additional plastic locks can be purchased as needed.

The CB-6000 is available in Clear and a Designer Collection that features the same model in Chrome, Wood and Camo finishes. The Chrome and Wood finishes look as if they were made out of the respective materials they are named after but are in actuality made from the same polycarbonate material as the Clear version.

The CB-6000S, which features a smaller cage, is available in Clear and was recently made available in Chrome also.

CB-X Chastity also offers a model for men who have a Prince Albert piercing. The PA-5000 eliminates the need for the rings to hold it on, using the piercing hook to secure the device. “It looks like body jewelry, yet is still fully functional as a chastity device once you hand over the key.”

Yates says that while CB-X was originally geared towards the fetish market, over the years the products have gained increasing popularity among mainstream couples to the extent that mainstream couples now represent approximately 75 percent of CB-X’s customer base. “While the fetish enthusiast knows our product by name, more and more of our customers are mainstream couples wanting to spice things up. He will wear it the day before date night. She may jiggle the key for him while he watches her get ready to go out dancing. These couples love the idea of our product because it is the ultimate tease.”

Yates acknowledges that there is a learning curve for new users, though the detailed instructions that come with each package provide users with everything they need to know. “The biggest challenge new users have is you need to put it on while flaccid and as soon as they start trying to ‘install’ the device they usually begin to get aroused,” she said. “Most new users have a lot of fun with this.”

The other main challenge for new users is getting the right fit, something that requires the right combination of ring and spacer/locking pin. “Once they get the right ring and spacer most of our customers don’t even notice it is there.” At least, they don’t notice the constraining device until they are aroused.

A key selling feature for mainstream couples flirting with the idea of incorporating male chastity devices into their sex lives is that the devices have built-in safety feature that allows users to easily remove the device in case of an emergency situation. A firm twist of the padlock will pop the locking pin, allowing the wearer to remove the device without the need for any power tools. CB-X offers replacement locking pins so emergency removals won’t ruin the device — although Yates notes, the wearer will still have to explain the nature of the emergency to the key holder.

CB-X Male Chastity products sell worldwide but are most popular in the U.S., the U.K. and Germany. In April, the company announced a new distribution agreement with East Coast News.