Guys On The Rise

Alex Glass

With cock rings, masturbation sleeves, replicas and other sex enhancers as mainstays in the sex toy market for straight males, manufacturers are tapping into fetishes for new product developments, as well as taking new angles to cater to the conventional “macho man.”

Evoking images of pregnant Hollywood celebrities that have posed provocatively in the nude for fashion magazines, Nasstoys recently released My 1st Pregnant Knocked Up Pussy masturbators for men with maiesiophilia — a sexual fetish for women who are pregnant.

We can also create a new fantasy for men to explore, who hadn’t previously thought about it. -Nasstoys’ Kathryn Hartman

“Mainstream marketing and Hollywood have cleared the way for us to finally be able to make an adult toy that will satisfy our retail customers who are maiesiophiles,” Nasstoys’ Director of Sales and Marketing Kathryn Hartman said. “We can also create a new fantasy for men to explore, who hadn’t previously thought about it. Fertility reminds men of virility and when men feel virile they get better erections. This is an erotic fantasy that goes deep into our mammal psyches. We’re already hearing a big buzz about these and expect them to be big sellers for retailers.”

Ntimate came on the scene with new masturbation devices for men: the FleshWrap and the JackStrap.

FleshWrap is an oval shaped frame and a small crossbar that gently bind and stretch the scrotum and testicles upward and forward from the body, lifting the scrotum up along the underside of the penis. The result is a whole mix of astonishing new feelings of pleasure during sex, the company said. FleshWrap is available in two versions that have body-safe, phthalate-free polycarbonate frames. The Standard version ($29.99) has polycarbonate crossbars. The Premium version ($49.99) has Marine-grade polished stainless steel crossbars—for that “feel of steel.”

Both Standard and Premium FleshWrap sets include two sizes of frames and two sizes of crossbars to make it easy for any man to find a combination for best fit.

The JackStrap is a patent-pending masturbatory tool for men. “JackStrap is a crazy, fun little product for guys,” said CEO and JackStrap inventor Jack Campbell. “Every day, men around the world masturbate a billion times, almost exclusively by using just their hand. JackStrap is the first sex toy that makes jacking off with your hand even more fun.”

The item is “a stretchy silicone strap that connects the fingers of your hand to your balls,” a rep said. “Every stroke of your cock pulls on the JackStrap and tugs on your balls, causing lots of bouncing and swinging that radically adds to the joy of masturbation.”

For men that maintain their macho values, Zero Tolerance Toys launched to cater to men that have been buying Zero Tolerance brand of hardcore adult DVDs while ushering them into the sex toy sector.

“We launched with a ‘we know you, you know us’ trust instilled with our DVD brand,” said Marcus West, marketing and sales director. “Our goal is to combine masturbators and DVDs to create an all-in-one experience.”

The cross-promotion of ZT Toys’ range of lubes and “liquid pleasure line” and its adult DVD brand kicked off in February when the company partnered with for a promo offering customers a free DVD with every purchase.

With adult DVDs as a natural purchase for guys, West said ZT Toys presents an upsell incentive for retailers.

ZT Toys’ range of lubes and sprays include: Jack Aide (thin, medium, thick), Boob Lube, Oral Sex Spray, Cock Cologne, Warming Masturbator Lubricant, Foaming Masturbator Cleaner, and Fuck Forever Delay Spray. “ZT Toys is the only brand that targets men by putting that ‘guy’s guy’ element at the forefront,” West said. “It’s a combination of things — our customers are really happy to see us in the toy aisle, they appreciate the whimsical marketing and we’re uniquely positioned. Our goal is to take the same approach as we have with Evolved — approachable price points and high quality.

Through its range of products, Zero Tolerance Toys aims to enhance male pleasure and sexual abilities while engaging with a partner and allow men to relive those experience while engaging in solo action — with products such as the Talk Dirty to Me hardcore audio CDs featuring porn’s dream girls Sasha Grey and Bree Olson ripped from ZT’s DVDs.

The Talk Dirty to Me DVD also is incorporated into the Jack-n-Drive masturbation kit — a cheeky collection designed for self-pleasure in public that comes with a privacy bandana.

Using elements from its DVD selection, Zero Tolerance Toys also offers QR-coded playing cards that feature scenes from movies, and bundled items such as the Mouth Full kit that includes a masturbator, Jack-Aide lube and the compilation DVD “Yes, I Swallow.”

Kits of sex tools include Game On, which features a condom, pheromone bracelet, Jack-Aide lube, Cock Cologne and SexVoltz, which is manufactured by BeaMonstar Products.

“Zero Tolerance Toys has been very well received,” West said. “We’re serving men with familiarity and they’re really responding.”