Wow! What a Great Show!


I just got back from the InterNext Convention in Vegas and even though I hate flying, the Show more than made up for my flight fears...

All the way home so many fresh ideas and thoughts from the Convention were racing through my tired brain that I couldn't wait to land, get home and boot up the PC to share my thoughts and great moments from this year's January InterNext, 2002.

In support of my husband and soul mate Stephen Yagielowicz, I attended the first seminar that started off the Convention as he was the first to speak. The room was completely packed and to my surprise most of them were newcomers to the Industry; some were so new they didn't have a site yet and were very eager and ready to learn. The question and answer time went overtime and afterwards, there were people handing out their business cards and deals made as we all walked down to enter the now crowded, music filled convention center. It was exciting to see all the fresh new faces, and in this Industry "the more the merrier!"

Girls Night Out :)
The first party to attend was the "Girls Night Out" party and thanks to Danielle (Twinkley) from, me and some of the other Web Mistresses had a special surprise as Danielle whisked us all away in limousines to a secret location where we found ourselves at a newly opened bar called the Ghost Bar on the top of The Palms Hotel. It was very unique, not like most crowded loud bars, the Ghost Bar reminded me of the Jetson's cartoon; kind of spacey with florescent lights and candles for a more relaxing effect. There were strangely shaped seats and swings in the corners. An odd shaped piece of glass placed in the floor out on the deck that you could stand and look down on if you got brave enough (Danielle did, but I think the drink had taken effect) became the conversation piece as we all stood around it looking out at the twinkling lights all over Las Vegas.

Mixing Business with Friendships
What a great idea this was, and what fun we all had, it was nice to finally meet some of the cool Web Mistresses in person like Nina "TheSmartestPornStar", Raven from SinText, Lady Sharlot from and getting to know Danielle and Laurie X from TheAdultWebmaster on a more personal level. As we all introduced ourselves and our URL's, then Danielle passed around "blow job" shots, and the mood was set for a relaxing couple of hours; perfect after a busy intense first day of the Show.

I quickly realized just how important it is to put a face to you in this business, and how important it is to attend some of those parties after the Show. I personally found out that even though I am somewhat shy (believe it or not), shaking a few hands and introducing yourself in person can lead to some really great opportunities, contacts, friendships, even marriages (this is where Stephen and I met last year) and so much more. It left me re-energized, thinking of where us girls can get together for hopefully another "Girls Night Out" — maybe a spa party would be cool "hint, hint."

The Long Ride Home
Flying home, I sat looking out the window thinking about this year's first InterNext; the energy was high and people were working every angle, even in the hallway I was trapped into listening to someone's fine business plan... From the beginning of the Show to the very last minute it was apparent that even with all that has happened this last year, life in the Porn Industry has proudly moved forward, wiser and stronger then ever, and Web Masters are more determined than ever to be a success.

My final thoughts were that I'm glad I went to the Show and didn't let my fears get the best of me. I'm looking forward to the InterNext Show this August in Florida, and can't wait to see Twinkley, Laurie X, Lady Sharlot, Nina, JunkieFred, Dougster, Spice and the list goes on and on. If the only thing that you walk away with from these Adult Shows is friendships you have succeeded. See ya there next time... ~ Ayrora