Processing Video in the Cloud

Stephen Yagielowicz

Recently introduced to the U.S. market, Aframe ( is the latest contender in the cloud-based video processing arena, bringing stunning new technology to workflows everywhere — with many intriguing adult applications included.

Boldly stating that “if you’re making TV, films, ads or video content of any kind professionally, Aframe is designed to save you time, stress and money,” the upstart company backs up its claim with an incredible roster of features that will liberate video editors and other production-level decision makers from an array of cumbersome tasks.

Large, broadcast-quality video files can be uploaded to Aframe either via FTP or by using an online interface, and then easily shared in usable formats.

While not a “video editor” per se, Aframe may be an indispensible addition to today’s video production workflows, offering uses for adult operators of all sizes.

Large, broadcast-quality video files can be uploaded to Aframe either via FTP or by using an online interface, and then easily shared in usable formats. Aframe’s powerful transcoding features extend beyond the “video” portion of current video files, to include the ancillary data attached to professional formats.

“As you know, shooting on modern cameras you don’t just get a single file for each clip that you make,” states a company rep. “Instead you have a neat folder structure with audio files often separated out pertrack as separate files, one or more video tracks and associated metadata and proxy files.”

Aframe was designed to support these advanced media formats, encoding all footage added to your project and making it available on the web and on mobile devices as low resolution files, that the company says are perfect for viewing over a 3G connection on an iPhone, iPad or other mobile device.

The original source footage is securely maintained by Aframe in the cloud, providing an easy master archiving option.

Offering “context-related timeline-based document references,” is a fancy way to say that Aframe’s document storage and annotation suite allows users to upload files into the system where they become searchable and useful for annotating video clips via linking allowing for example, model releases and 2257 docs to be linked to a particular scene.

Robust real-time timeline annotations, social commenting and scene tagging allows for highly granular searches and fast access to the desired content; speeding workflows and providing fodder for savvy search marketers.

Aframe also enables an unprecedented level of collaboration between users, through live chat sessions via the cloud.

‘Watch a clip together and comment on it simultaneously with other members of your team. As you’re viewing and chatting, everyone’s comments will appear in realtime so you can have conversations about your footage,” the rep explains. “What’s great is that what everyone says then ends up being searchable, so you can refer to the clips that sparked the conversation at any point in the future.”

Aframe even allows you to monitor stakeholder progress when evaluating videos by reporting on who watched what clip, and for how long.