Evil Angel’s Fetish Feast

Jared Rutter

No other full-line video company offers such a mouth-watering variety of fetish titles and fetishthemed scenes as Evil Angel. For fetish fans of just about all stripes the EA catalogue is a smorgasbord of turn-ons.

And we’re talking fetish, not niche. Niche videos — anal, oral, interracial, MILF — almost always involve hardcore sex. Fetish, surmises EA general manager Christian Mann, is “something where the main interest is not so much about sex.”

In some cases you have fetishists searching out movies that fill their need, and in some cases you have consumers who aren’t fetishists discovering fetishes in the movies of their favorite directors and finding out that they’re into something.

Fetish was never a stranger to EA founder John Stagliano. His “The Fashionistas,” for example, offered a full-scale exploration of the fetish world, with its leatherlinked S&M underground and humongous dildo insertions.

But, says Mann, the only specific fetish that “John clearly recognized that was under-served and that he wanted to get to market and make a stand about it was face-sitting, which he really loves. He felt that prior to EA nobody was really marketing it with any assertiveness.”

His proselytizing for face-sitting has indeed been aggressive, with most of the titles appearing on the Buttman Magazine Choice (recently abbreviated to Buttman Choice) label, which has an alternative pricing structure.

Most visible perhaps is the “Mean Bitches” line, which combines face-sitting with fem-dom. And Roman Video, one of the most venerable fetish companies, distributes one line through Buttman Choice: “Asses of Face Destruction,” 11 volumes so far of sexual smothering.

But for sales volume, Mann says, “What I’m finding is that most of our best-selling fetish movies are the ones that involve fetishes and hardcore sex.” He cites the ass-oriented work of Mike Adriano and Jay Sin — “for us those are our two best-selling lines of fetish content.”

In a company created by Buttman it’s hardly surprising to find plentiful examples of gaping — or “winking,” a variation brought to its zenith by Jay Sin (“Gape Lovers,” “Anal Acrobats”). Sin, says Mann, has created “insane kinds of assplay, real toy-oriented — and I don’t mean dildos and buttplugs, I mean like fire engines and trucks.” He has also uniquely milked the milk-whip cream fetish with “Milk Nymphos.”

Mike Adriano’s specialties involve not only gaping (“Anal Gaping Sluts”) but speculum insertion (“The Spit and the Speculum”). “He’s done great for us,” says Mann. “The size of that market does not cease to surprise to me — the size of the response to anything we do that features gaping or even prolapsing.” (For the uninitiated, prolapsing is pushing out the interior of the anus — sometimes called the raw meat look.)

Italian director Omar Galanti also works the assplay angle with “A View to a Gape.” But his forthcoming line “Clip Chicks,” will explore something new: clothespin work, a favorite Stagliano fetish, according to Mann.

While most fetish play is physical — instruments, devices, toys — a lot of it works the psychological side: domination, cuckolding, humiliation. The latter is the theme of Sean Michaels’ “Evil Cuckold,” given added sting by its interracial component. (Michaels has also mined the wardrobe vein in “Hose Hoe’s.”)

Francesca Lé and Mark Wood’s Lé Wood Productions is turning out “Gasp, Gag and Gape” for Buttman Choice. It straddles the line between fetish (face-sitting, gaping) and niche (deep-throating, anal sex). Pegging — women buttfucking men with dildos — which Lé has explored elsewhere, is well represented at EA by Joey Silvera’s long-running fem-dom series “Strap Attack.”

Belladonna, says Mann, is “all over the place with fetishes.” Her “Fetish Fanatic” line is a virtual catalogues of kinks: feet (see also “Party of Feet”), hairy bushes, enemas, uniforms, tickling, breath control, in addition to SM BD action. Also, some things very far off the beaten path, like the “plushy” fetish, with girls dressed as cuddly stuffed animals (“Dick Sauce: Animal Style”).

Aiden Riley, Belladonna’s producer, says the “plushy stuff” is fun but makes it “tougher for the talent to move around in.” He claims that feet is most popular with her fans, adding thoughtfully, “Armpit fetish seems like it needs to be explored a little bit more.”

Kevin Moore’s “Panty Pops” and “Spandex Loads,” on Buttman Choice, involve wardrobe fetishes: panties, spandex, lingerie, cameltoes, wedgies — followed by P.O.V. sex. According to Mann, his series are especially popular with Hustler TV viewers. Moore says his new line “Crack Fuckers” is “like tit-fucking but you’re fucking the crack of the ass — no penetration.”

Most fetishy of all — in the classical sense — is Stagliano’s “Buttman’s Master Class,” a highly personal line involving wardrobe (cameltoes, wedgies), gaping, occasional prolapsing, and unusually large sextoys. Mann claims he has even created a fetish called Stretching — “it’s like body orifice contortionism.”

For Mann the popularity of Evil Angel fetish is a chicken vs. egg conundrum. “In some cases you have fetishists searching out movies that fill their need, and in some cases you have consumers who aren’t fetishists discovering fetishes in the movies of their favorite directors and finding out that they’re into something.

“So in some cases what Evil Angel provides is a catharsis; in other cases it’s a catalyst.”


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