FSC: Discerning Women

Diane Duke

In mid-April, Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen made a foolish comment about Ann Romney stating that Mrs. Romney, “Has never had to work a day in her life.” This set off a political firestorm with Republicans arguing the value of stay-at-home moms and Democrats discussing the plight of single moms without the financial foundation the Romneys enjoy. But really, what is at the heart of the matter is the respect, or lack thereof, for the right and ability of women to make decisions about their lives.

Both Republicans and Democrats have been stepping all over each other to point out the necessity of respecting women and their life choices. But what if a woman chooses to work in the adult entertainment industry?

Women in our industry are highly successful, self aware and powerful.

I have advocated for a woman’s right to choose my entire adult life. When I left my job at Planned Parenthood to work for the Free Speech Coalition, some supported my decision, many were uncomfortable, and a few of my “pro-choice” peers cut me off completely. I remember the talking points the Planned Parenthood national office would hand down discussing how insulting it is for elected officials to question a woman’s ability to discern what to do with her body in the case of contraception and abortion. Yet, when a woman decides to enter the adult entertainment industry, she suddenly loses the ability to discern? The hypocrisy! You can’t have it both ways folks.

Conservatives’ obsession with porn is a clear result of what years of repressed sexual desire produces. A perfect example of this is recent presidential candidate Rick Santorum. On one of his campaign stops Santorum proclaimed the need to, “erect border fences around this great nation’s ladyparts” in order to “keep our wives and pre-wives unpolluted by foreign influences.” He went on to state, “Traditional family values and traditional vaginas are under assault from big government and their pro-insertion policies.” There are so many things wrong with these statements it would take another three XBIZ columns to point them out. Suffice it to say women don’t need Santorum or anyone else “erecting” fences around our “ladyparts.” Can you imagine a similar national discussion about male genitalia — never!

Women in our industry are highly successful, self aware and powerful. Performers/directors Belladonna, Tristan Taormino, Nina Hartley, Bobbi Starr, Drew Deveaux and countless others inspire and challenge women to question the sexual status quo. Industry executives like Susan Colvin CEO of Cal-Exotics, Allison Vivas, CEO of Pink Visual, Theresa Flynt, LFP executive VP, Peggy Oettinger, CEO of Sinclair Institute, Rondee Kamins, CEO of GVA and many, many more prove that ours is an industry that supports and promotes women.

Women make life choices every minute of every day. The fact that these choices are topics of national discussion, in and of itself, is an insult to our gender. I am thrilled to be a part of an industry where women, like the ones mentioned in this article, break the final glass ceiling of sexual equality — proudly owning our decisions and our sexuality. We understand that we alone take responsibility for our “ladyparts” and our “politically incorrect” free will.