Time-Sensitive Promotions and Custom Content

Stephen Yagielowicz

On the day after the recent record-setting MegaMillions lottery drawing, as the sad realization that despite my single $1 ticket purchase, this author would not be sharing in the huge $656 million jackpot, the good folks at Dell sent me an e-mail whose timely subject line captured my attention: “Didn’t win the lottery? Try our Mystery Coupon.”

This was the company’s latest bid in its ongoing effort to convince me to retire my aging workhorse of a workstation; and while I didn’t bite on their offer, it showcased the value of timely marketing — a practice that the Internet handily enables due to the speed at which new offers can be presented to the marketplace.

From naughty leprechauns to flag-waving bikini babes, custom content is valuable for monetizing time-sensitive promotions — all it takes is forethought, creativity and action.

Also on the mainstream front, Facebook’s real-time contextual advertising targeting keywords in user’s textual input — a process not dissimilar to Google’s on-page adverts, illustrates timely digital marketing at its best: highly relevant and up to the minute — with the content being tailored to the viewer’s immediate interests.

In the adult video arena, X-rated parodies timed for coincidental release with the launch or news of the target of their satire are an increasingly common occurrence; from the past election’s Sarah Palin parodies, to the “Three Stooges” release, art imitates life.

Custom content can be shot in advance, ready for a timesensitive release in response to the latest headlines — stories that while not necessarily arousing, attract many viewers. Tied to current news events where decorum may be an issue, such as “Tsunami porn” that features performers copulating on floating wreckage — is material that while in bad taste, would doubtlessly attract mainstream media attention, delivering viewers in waves…

Although forming a sad commentary on modern society, this type of extreme content will always draw curiosity seekers, forming enough of an audience for callous marketers to pursue in the name of perverse profits.

Another time-sensitive promotional technique that could have substantial traction in today’s budget conscious adult marketplace is the “act now” call to action; perhaps added to a paysite’s join page, illustrating a timer and perhaps a depleting (or even increasing) add-on list of freebonus material that is only available if the customer responds quickly.

For example, “Join in the next 5 minutes and receive free access to ____.”

This is a great method for breathing new life into adult network sites that may have been developed for outdated cross-sale promotions or other uses: offer them as a bonus. This technique also works for “cancel” e-mails sent to departing members: “rejoin in the next two days and receive a free bonus week,” or a similar offer may be worth testing.

From naughty leprechauns to flag-waving bikini babes, custom content is valuable for monetizing time-sensitive promotions — all it takes is forethought, creativity and action, to implement a current-events strategy for your adult operation. As a further bonus, it’s a great way to keep a website from being perceived as abandoned or stale.

Take a hint from Google’s frequent logo updates and periodically revamp your logo, header or other images for several days (or longer) to take advantage of holidays or the seasonal changes that will strike a note with your audience — like Google’s custom logo, it may be a small touch, but every little bit helps when trying to build an affinity between customers and your brand.


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