Nalpac: Renewed Vision

Ariana Rodriguez

Nalpac can summarize its past year in one word: change. In its 40th year in business, the adult products distributor has unveiled a new website, a new logo and its new 538-page Super Catalog.

Nalpac’s revamped website was launched on March 22 with user-friendly features.

This new website is a result of hundreds of hours of research and development by our web team. -Mike Cali, IT Director

“Nalpac has been in existence for over 40 years,” Nalpac Owner and CEO Ralph Caplan said. “We’ve gone through a lot of changes over the years, but this is one of the most exciting changes I’ve been involved in. This state-of-the-art site was created for our customers through the collaborative efforts of all of our departments: IT, Sales, Marketing, Graphics and Purchasing. We hope that our customers will enjoy using it to keep their stores stocked with the latest products. Customers will always be able to find what it is they need from Nalpac and this is one more way we’re making it easier for our customers to run their businesses.”

Mike Cali, Nalpac’s director of IT adds, “This new website is a result of hundreds of hours of research and development by our web team. I’m proud of all the work everyone has put into the site and I look forward to hearing the positive feedback from our customers once they explore all of the new features. We feel is now the benchmark for websites in the industry.”

Senior Buyer and Marketing Coordinator Don Zerilli notes, “In my many years of purchasing, I have seen thousands of websites and ours is by far one of the most advanced I have ever seen.”

According to the company, represents the biggest of the improvements for Nalpac. The site now features an enhanced, dynamic search functionality, which allows customers to type in their choice of Nalpac or manufacturer item numbers or item names and a dropdown list populates with suggestions. Customers will be able to filter their search results by many options, including price range, color, category, manufacturer, flavor, packaging, scent, size or texture.

Another feature is the Quick View, available for every product on the site. Customers will see a Quick View popup for a product by clicking on the product image from the search results. Customers will view the product image, description, wholesale pricing, as well as have the ability to add the item to their cart or Wish List. includes an improved Navigation Bar on each page of the site. Users may hover over the bar; producing popup lists of manufacturers and brands to navigate quickly and easily if seeking a particular item. This will allow customers to search for cohesive lines of products so that merchandising their stores will be easier, the company says.

The site has a new Quick Order Form that works in the same manner as the search feature, with a drop-down list anticipating what the customer is entering. The Quick Order Upload option is still available as well.

Customers will now be able to check close-up high-resolution images of products, with hover-over zoom, or clickable zoom as well. Customers may click on item images on the Quick View or Product detail screens to see the vibrant highresolution image detail.

April marks the release of Nalpac’s brand new 2012 538-page Super Catalog. The entire catalog was built from the ground up, starting with re-categorization of every item, which is also used on the website, with QR Codes in the printed catalog that will take customers directly to the corresponding section of, allowing customers to move between catalog and website with ease. The 2012 Super Catalog is available in print, Flash drive, DVD or PDF versions.

Starting with a brand-new logo created by Nalpac’s in-house graphics team, Nalpac has revealed a new look and feel, as well as a new tag line, “America’s Leading Adult Toy Distributor,” to showcase Nalpac’s attitude, as the adult toy distributor leading the pack.

Nalpac’s new marketing includes media coverage, new partnerships with manufacturers, as well as a presence on Facebook and Twitter, all for the sole purpose of informing customers so they may make more informed purchasing decisions, the company said.

“Behind the scenes, Nalpac will continue to do what it does best: consistently deliver the products that customers want promptly and efficiently,” the company said. “Nalpac is committed to delivering product to its customers day after day, just as customers have grown to expect.”