Getting The Word Out

Stephen Yagielowicz

Do you need fresh Webmaster traffic and increased exposure for your new or established product or service? Do you have an opinion, tip, trick, or technology that you would like to share with thousands of other XBiz readers? Well here's your chance!

As I enter my 4th year of Adult (and 8th year of mainstream) Webmastering, I've been looking back at how things have changed over the years, and how they've also remained the same. Throughout it all I've noticed one single, consistent theme: every Webmaster needs more traffic.

Take a look at the daily postings on XBiz' own Cosmic Village Message Boards; hardly a single day goes by that you don't see someone pleading for submissions to their new TGP, Top List, Link List, Pic Post, or Adult Search Engine. Some of these posts bear an air of desperation, as if the Webmaster was throwing an elaborate party with all of the trimmings - and nobody came: This is unfortunate and unnecessary, as an easy alternative exists for getting the word out to a much wider audience: write an article or tutorial!

A Ready Market
We are always looking for exclusive, high quality, informative, and entertaining articles, tutorials, and editorials here at! You don't need to be a professional writer, just a knowledgeable Webmaster with something worthwhile to share. Why not bang out an article and send it on in? Maybe you own a TGP and are tired of the amount of "junk" submissions you receive. Why not write an article that helps newbies to build a better, cleaner gallery page, and offer a few tips to improve their ranking on the gallery listings page?

Perhaps you run a sponsorship program and have a few thoughts on how Webmaster's could better use common marketing techniques like FPAs and consoles to increase sales, or you might even be a content provider who knows a thing or two about cool Web-ready image optimization techniques. And speaking of graphics, I know that there are many designers and artists out there who can share a few tips and tricks in exchange for the kind of exposure that pays the rent.

The possibilities are endless, and the requirements simple: we accept only "exclusive" articles of 750 - 1,250 words each (approximately 1 - 2 pages in MS Word), they must be in English, and appeal to adult Webmasters. They must also be spam free. You will be given a text link of your choice with your "byline" and may mention your product or service, but we are not looking for ads, but good, useful information. Not sure that your article is "good enough?" Submit it anyways! Our staff of professional editors will help smooth out any rough spots.

What's In It For You?
Exposure! If you need Webmasters, we have 'em! Get your message out to them by providing thoughtful commentary rather than blatant advertising, and you'll receive the advertising as well! Published articles running at least 1,000 words entitle you to a permanent banner or button on the featured article page, with additional considerations given to more "frequent" contributors (you will supply the graphics, of course).

Is it worthwhile? Price the cost of a banner slot and decide if you would rather write a check, or write an article. If you need quality Webmaster traffic to your site, there is no better vehicle for delivering it than through an article at XBiz. I see "articles" written daily on our message boards. The next time you post a lengthy, informative response on the boards, why not copy-n-paste it into MS Word. Add an "intro" and "conclusion," do a spell-check (please!) and then email it to me. It's as simple as that, and your fellow Webmasters will appreciate your efforts.

Not sure that your article is "good enough?" Submit it anyways! Our staff of professional editors will help smooth out any rough spots, and ensure that your submission gets the point across, delivering your message to our readership of over 3500 Webmasters daily! We reserve the right to edit your article for space, formatting, or clarity, and any unpublished materials will be returned to you if you desire. All published articles become the property of, meaning that once we publish your article, you can't take it back.

Here's your chance to make a difference, obtain some recognition, and provide exposure for your product or service. Send your best original, exclusive articles (or series), tutorials, and editorials (or any questions you may have) to and get published today! ~ Stephen