MBPoster Offers 1-Way Adult Content Backlinks

Stephen Yagielowicz

Having a decent blog or other website publish a post about your product or service not only provides the direct benefit of sending interested readers of that post to your site, but it also gives you a oneway link to your site. This is an indicator to search engines such as Google that your site offers something of quality, as it is being “independently” reviewed by the linking blog.

Of course, if your site links back to that blog, it makes it a two-way or reciprocal link, which is discounted by search engines. But how do you get someone (the linking site) to give you something (the oneway link) for nothing?

Targeted, non-reciprocal links are a great website traffic building tool, but not the easiest of promotions to develop — until now.

Enter Multi Blog Poster (www.mbposter.com), an advanced link-building toolset for generating targeted adult traffic from relevant adult niche websites.

According to its publisher, Multi Blog Poster is a whitehat solution that offers an effective means of ranking a site on Google, even after the search engine’s infamous “Panda” updates that penalized poor quality content and links from “spammy” websites.

Designed for online marketers, website owners and their affiliates, sponsor programs, bloggers and more, Multi Blog Poster allows users to submit “plugs,” which consist of a unique title, targeted text and an image.

The image can be linked to a user-specified URL, as can a string of anchor text, providing two one-way backlinks per post; a number that is easily doubled through the use of tags.

Post publishing scheduling allows for bulk plug uploading with future display dates.

The company notes that all plugs are manually approved by staff to control quality before going live on its network — which includes sites on different IP addresses, using different C-Classes and owned by different entities to prevent WHOIS cues to Google.

Posts are archived to provide permanent backlinks.

Only top-level domains are used and the company is continually updating its network with new niche-oriented blogs. It also offers a free text spinning tool to ease the process of generating unique content for each plug.

A free version, as well as a subscription-based “Pro” version, is available — as is an affiliate program for those with webmaster traffic.

For online marketers seeking fresh prospects, Multi Blog Poster may be worth a shot.