Mac Users Cope With Security Threats

Stephen Yagielowicz

There are a number of readily available tools that allow Mac users to surf more safely while protecting their personal data and freedoms from scrutiny by authoritarian regimes, pesky spouses, and competitive businesses.

One new offering is PrivacyScan by (, which according to its publisher is a utility designed for people who value privacy and want to keep their online and offline experiences private.

Computer security isn’t just an issue for Windows users, as Mac devotees know all too well.

“Every time you surf the web or use your computer, bits of information are left behind — information that could compromise your privacy,” a company spokesperson stated. “PrivacyScan provides protection against these threats by scanning your Mac for files containing sensitive information and offering multiple levels of shredding from a standard quick delete to one of the many secure delete shredding options to securely erase them from your system.”

The company states that PrivacyScan analyzes a wide range of possible threats from various items — including popular web browsers and privacy threats from Flash cookies; as well as threats from standard apps such as Finder, Preview, and Quick-Time.

PrivacyScan is available for $4.99 through the App Store.

Other tools employ strong encryption, IP address obfuscation, and other methods to hide a user’s online activities; keeping sensitive files and surfing habits from prying eyes.

According to its publisher, GoTrusted Secure Tunnel ( turns any free public Wi-Fi hotspot into an encrypted and firewalled Internet connection point that allows users to unblock and browse websites in private; to view videos and other files from their home countries; to securely send and receive emails; and to use social media — activities that may otherwise be prevented in the user’s country.

The company says that unlike other ad-based privacy or proxy software, its VPN is fast without security-compromising advertisements.

“GoTrusted is easy to install and use, with no advanced computer knowledge or confusing settings required,” states the product’s website. “With GoTrusted, know your privacy is always protected wherever you connect.”

A free trial is available; after which, it’s $5.99 per month if you continue to use it.

Regardless of your tools of choice, boosting your Mac’s security is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to protect your own security, from identity thieves and worse.