FixSation Brings Couples the We-gasm

Ariana Rodriguez

Tiffany York has redefined the couples’ vibrator with an invention to bring couples to “we-gasm.” FixSation is a non-penetrating device worn by women during sex.

It is a combination of lingerie and vibrator, which has an ergonomically correct design to fit between two bodies to use a partner’s pressure and not obstruct penetration. The rechargeable vibe is made with medical grade materials and comes with a warranty.

It is a combination of lingerie and vibrator, which has an ergonomically correct design to fit between two bodies to use a partner’s pressure and not obstruct penetration.

“Through no fault of me or my husband, we had a difficult time reaching climax simultaneously,” York said. “Not to mention that when — or should I say if — I got there I wanted it because of him and to share the experience together. I tried several toys, however they proved distracting, an unnatural addition to the bedroom — plus they just didn’t work. I fell in love with the wearable vibe concept, but internal placement in addition to my husband proved to be too much. Because I couldn’t find anything on the market to suit my own needs, I invented the FixSation to help the millions of other women in this exact situation.”

York told XBIZ that the shape of a computer mouse inspired her first design of the FixSation, which she molded from Play-doh and modified to fit the space between two bodies.

FixSation’s non-invasive, rechargeable couple’s vibe is ergonomically designed to cradle the woman’s anatomy and fit flush against the man’s pelvis. Its curved exterior utilizes partner pressure and movement for concentrated friction and vibration on the clitoris, while still allowing for uninterrupted penetration.

The couples’ vibe is secured in place by a backless, crotchless panty companion featuring removable bands that slide through the side chambers of the FixSation and fasten to the backside of the panty.

York said that the FixSation is distinctly a couples’ toy because it requires the movement between two partners.

“People like the pleasure of a vibrator because they’re controlling it — not specifically because of the vibe’s speed or intensity,” York said. “FixSation uses the movement between two partners to stimulate, providing clit stimulation on top of penetration.”

According to York, a reason why 75 percent of women don’t achieve orgasms from sexual intercourse is lack of clit stimulation that results from a natural gap between overlapping bodies.

She says, “Men say vibration is not that big of a draw but the woman gets wetter and warmer. He’s benefitting from her being more turned on. FixSation is not meant to be used alone — it’s not just for clit stimulation. It’s a combination of factors like extra pressure and closing the gap between male and female anatomies.”

The name FixSation derives from the combination of the words “fixate” and “sensation,” essentially calling on couples to “fixate on the sensation,” York said.

With a background in business, York is a former high school teacher who owned a single vibrator before founding FixSation, she said. Through extensive research, York traced down a major manufacturer to produce FixSation and tapped a mainstream design company for its packaging.

“I picked a great company and raised the capital with friends and other investors, who all showed confidence in the product,” York said. “It’s approachable from all levels whether you’re a novice or experienced consumer.”

Although well-received by connoisseurs, including porn stars, York said she designed FixSation with the timid housewife in mind.

“It appeals to both,” York said. “It’s nice to see that fans range from the Midwest housewife that can’t even say the word ‘sex toy’ to the porn star.”

According to York, FixSation also recently caught the eye of reality star Karen Gravano of VH1’s “Mob Wives,” who hosted a FixSation Soiree —the company’s adaptation of a pleasure party that offers a product presentation, games, trivia and entertainment.

FixSation has been on the market since December and has since been picked up by distributors, including Entrenue.

“Fixsation is more comfortable and less cumbersome than many other hands-free vibrators on the market, and when I saw its thoughtfully slender and curved shape I knew it would be a hit,” said Lisa Mazurek, Entrenue brand and marketing director. “It’s fully adjustable and customizable to fit all shapes and sizes and it’s made to fit flush with her partner’s pelvis. Couples can control how much vibration she feels with a mere change in movement, and it doesn’t get more intimate and convenient than that.”

Distributor Planet Earth Logistics offers FixSation in Europe, and major retailers Adam & Eve and Eden Fantasy’s also carries the product.

The future of FixSation includes plans for a nextgeneration design of the flagship product that will have a remote control, and new color options, as well as different vibration modes and function.

York says the company also plans to expand into lingerie and “flirty” apparel styles, in addition to lubes, lotions and potions to complement the toys.

“The series of toys will follow the same concept,” York said. “We already have about four different renditions of it.”