Creating An Adult Web Site, Part 8

Mark Farlow

Well, back to the grind: I have my free site up and running, and with the link list and initial TGP submissions taken care, I am starting to get a nice steady stream of traffic.

The Next Step
Not content to sit on my newfound traffic, I've decided it's time to start really getting things rolling. Utilizing the same basic techniques I've outlined in my previous articles, I've set out to create a plethora of free web sites. Starting with my first free site Red Amber, an amateur site, I decided it was important to cover every niche imaginable.

The first item on my agenda was to pick up some content to use for all these free sites. A quick trip to the XBiz content resources page turned up a number of options. I opted to grab some dirt-cheap content from one of the providers offering a great deal of 5000 pics for $99.00. The content contained a broad range of niche photos, and while it wasn't the highest quality, it was exactly what I was looking for. Using the previous Red Amber site as a guide I created a template in my thumb-nailing program, Thumbnailer, which would allow me to generate several copies of that site with different photo sets

Making A Buck
After generating new sites for several niches such as teen, bondage, fat, Asian, water sports, up skirt, ebony, tranny, oral, and anal. I needed to find sponsors to promote for each of these. There are several sponsors out there that offer several different niche sites, so it was easy to find some sponsors for these new sites. I had to create new Full Page ads for each, and I created a generic exit console that would offer the surfer a variety of options on exit. I also added new banners and text links to promote my sponsors. I added a link back and exit consoles to my HUB page, and added links inside the HUB page for all the new free sites. I will go back and re-submit the galleries to the TGP's, a few each day for the next couple of weeks.

The Grind
As I had done with Red Amber, I created several copies of 1 gallery page for each site to submit to the various TGP's. Using my TGP submission page, this process was less tedious than the first time around. I also created several doorway pages to use for Links Lists and Top Lists (for each free site) Now it was just a simple matter of submitting the new sites to the search engines, submitting each gallery to all the TGPs, and submitting to the Link Lists. After the initial run of submissions, I will go back and re-submit the galleries to the TGP's, a few each day for the next couple of weeks.

Wrapping It Up
Well I've managed to knock out roughly 50 free sites. I've gone back and modified each slightly so as not to appear identical. I have a nice strong flow of traffic coming to the sites now, and my HUB page is seeing a very healthy dose of traffic. While my conversions aren't as high as I would have liked, the bottom line is looking pretty solid. If I continue to build, my traffic should really skyrocket, and I should generate a nice cash flow from this domain. In the following weeks, I will play around with different TGP's, and Link Lists, and determine which ones will yield the highest quality traffic.

For reference, I've created a resources page that lists many of the links I have in this article, as well as links to past articles in this series. Where do we go from here? Stayed tuned for my next article and find out!