New Sensations - Sexual Enhancers Evolve for Diverse Consumption

Alex Glass

Sexual enhancers are going beyond their standard form to take on various new markets. A range of pills, lotions and potions have hit the scene promising all sorts of pleasure boosts.

Bundles of Fun

Sexual enhancers are going beyond their standard form to take on various new markets. A range of pills, lotions and potions have hit the scene promising all sorts of pleasure boosts.

Bundled products not only deliver value at the checkout counter but also a bonding experience for couples in the bedroom.

SxScience Labs, the manufacturer of Ladies First for Her and Heads Up for Him all-natural sex enhancement supplements, this year released Date Night, a kit that pairs the company’s flagship products with On by Sensuva, System JO lubricant and an SxScience Vibrating Pleasure Ring.

“SxScience is about all-natural solutions for improving impotence and promoting sexual health wellness — we figured why not bring consumers other stimulating products that are all-natural in a pack for a night of intimacy for couples,” SxScience Labs President and CEO Jeff Northup told XBIZ.

The products included in the kit were selected because they complement one another, Northup said. Ladies First and Heads Up enhance the physiological functions of sex for a male-female couple and the other items build on that feeling.

Retailing for under $30 and presented in a decorative box with a flap that opens to reveal a windowed view of the package’s contents, Northup said Date Night is an ideal romantic gift purchase for newlyweds, anniversaries and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Heart and Attitude Luxury Arousal Products was recently added to PD Management’s portfolio of companies it represents. Distributed by Exile Distribution, Heart and Attitude is a duo of arousal gels for men and women that includes Extra Bold for him and Champagne Intensity for her.

“We applaud and support the entrepreneurial spirit of innovative companies like Heart and Attitude,” PD Management owner Carlos Cavero said. “Their unique concept of luxury branding and packaging with amazing arousal products positions them as a new category leader. Together we will multiply our respective strengths and serve the needs and desires of the market.”

Heart and Attitude’s Extra Bold is an easy-to-apply lubricating gel, which maximizes performance and delivers enhanced and pleasurable cooling sensations, according the company.

To create the ultimate couples experience, the company said Extra Bold should be partnered with Champagne Intensity for her, another easy-to-apply lubricating gel.

Champagne Intensity works by increasing a woman’s sense of intimate touch and providing longer sexual satisfaction.

Naturally formulated, Champagne Intensity delivers enhanced sensitivity, allowing them to feel more, reach orgasm and maximize the lovemaking experience, the company said.

Latin Appeal

The global Latin market is 400 million strong, and Spanish is the official language of more than 20 nations. While several pleasure products manufacturers offer translations, Doc Johnson’s Noches Latinas range features Spanish as the primary language on its packaging. Recently, Doc Johnson added a targeted edition of its Duramas delay sprays and creams.

Featuring specialized art and packaging, as well as a fresh association with the new Noches Latinas line, Duramas features product copy written predominantly in Spanish, and is marketed toward Spanish-speaking toy users.

“This market is steadily becoming a powerful segment in the adult novelty industry, and Doc Johnson is expecting these revamped editions of Duramas cream and spray to have a strong impact,” the company said.


The latest wave of arousal products has arrived as balms that can be applied without the risk of a messy cleanup. Among them is Earthly Body’s first sexual enhancement product, the Love Button.

Love Button is an all-natural enhancement balm that can be used by both men and women. For women, Love Button increases blood flow to the clitoral area, sensitizes and helps provide a satisfying climax, the company said. For men, it increases penile sensitivity and helps to prolong erections.

ON Balm is the latest release from Sensuva. The balm contains the same arousing power as the original oil, but in a no-mess, slant-tipped applicator.

Retailers that have experienced success with the original ON for Her oil, merchandised in an attractive countertop display complete with testers, also will have a stylish POP tower display for the new Balm at their disposal thanks to its distributor ECN.

“We see Sensuva ON Balm as an all-around winner,” says ECN’s Alan Mandell. “All the power of the original ON oil in a super convenient and easy to use applicator. Our customers are going to love this.”


Mainstream marketing is quickly spreading the latest development in oral sex — Masque’s “scientifically proven” ability to mask the taste of oral sex on a man.

Masque Sexual Flavors is a thin gel strip available in chocolate, strawberry and watermelon flavors that dissolves on the tongue and conceals unpleasant tastes for up to 15 minutes.

“This is not a novelty item. It is a scientifically researched product developed to address an important issue among couples who may have been unwilling to talk about this in the past,” said Michael Guilfoyle, chief operating officer of Masque.


Sexual enhancement manufacturer RockHard Labs is the exclusive distributor of Forgiven, an all-natural alcohol metabolizer that is getting exposure on MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” through branded T-shirts sometimes donned by the reality show’s host, TJ Lavin, who is among the owners behind Forgiven.

Forgiven is an all-natural dietary supplement and the first and only alcohol metabolizer. It features a combination of vitamins and proprietary ingredients, including Cysteine and Glutamine, a natural stimulant that converts harmful acids, and organic acids that offer electrolytes and vitamin B1.

Night Lights was recently introduced as an all-natural alternative to popular party drugs. Night Lights is most commonly sold at smoke shops, however Enjoyment Distribution is extending the product into adult as a suitable crossover item with impulse buy potential, the company said.

Performance Enhancer

Amerect is the latest addition to BeaMonstar Products’ range of sexual enhancers. According to BeaMonstar Products President Jeff Bolanos, Amerect is a combination of two of the company’s bestsellers, XploZion ejaculation volumizer and SexVoltz rapid male sexual enhancer.

“Fast-acting and always reliable, Amerect takes men to intense climax repeatedly for multiple deep orgasms with rapid recovery time to seal the deal with bigger loads every time,” Bolanos said.

Prolonged Pleasure

In addition to practical grooming supplies, Classic Erotica’s new Max 4 Men range includes Max Control Prolong Spray and Gel. The product is formulated with lidocaine, a fast-acting, gentle desensitizing agent. The product is quickly absorbed for prolonged sexual pleasure.

Nasstoys recently added Stallion Delay Cream and Super Stud Male Gential Desensitizer Spray to its collection of topical dressings.

“These creams and sprays are proven sellers,” says Kathryn Hartman, sales manager of Nasstoys. “They help keep things interesting in the bedroom, prolonging the length of time a couple can enjoy different avenues of sex with one another. ILS Show attendees can see our top selling repackaged creams and sprays along with the new Stallion and Super Stud products at distributor booths.

“Guys who suffer from premature ejaculation might be too embarrassed to tell you, but it affects all aspects of their lives,” Hartman said. “Have these in a place that is easy to see for customers who are too afraid to ask for them. For those that are comfortable, do some research and have some tips ready that they can try at home with the creams and sprays.”