Creating Customer Loyalty

Ayrora Temple

As Webmasters we desire visitors to our websites, but do you know how to attract customers and keep them coming back? Creating customer loyalty is the key to repeat visits – and sales!

Today it's not just the person who comes up with an original idea first; but the one who wins the loyalty of the buyer is the one who wins the race! This is especially true when running your own amateur pay site, because creating customer loyalty is the key to increasing customer retention – one of the main goals of a successful (and profitable) Web site.

Ways to Win Loyalty
Correctly setting your site's membership price point is an important loyalty building block. Folks want to feel that they received a fair deal and a good value from you. Understanding customer's buying habits then pricing your services correctly will help define your pricing plan. You can be the cheapest or you can be the best, but usually not both.

Researching other sites can help you to decide what category your site will fall into for cost and quality. In my own past experience, I have found that you make more money and still create loyal members if your site is the best, not the cheapest: the members will pay the price because they know it's worth every penny! If your price is too cheap "just to get them inside," it detracts from your image. The customer knows that this is a cheap trick, and so leaves to find value along with the perception of quality.

Monitor your competition. Keep current on what the new sites have to offer, both in terms of quality and technology. Be open to new ideas and experiment. In the world of technology there is no time to waste when attracting attention, as new technologies and designs are replacing what has just hit the market. Be flexible when learning and playing with new and improved programs or you will be lost in the sea of outdated sites, and therefore seem unattractive.

Discover what the buyer craves. Setup a feedback form or ask your members to email you with their ideas about what they desire from your site, and what they may possibly want to purchase, such as your used panties or autographed pictures. This is a perfect method for developing a personal interaction with your members, giving them more, and therefore building a strong bond – and creating customer loyalty!

These are a few of the loyalty building techniques that have worked for me in the past. Once you figure out exactly what YOUR site needs to create successful loyalty, you will make the "right" decisions, and use your precious time wisely! ~ Ayrora