Creating Your Virtual Identity


Using your imagination to build a Virtual Identity and branded domain name is very important if you plan to create power in your image and live off of your resources. As the Webmistress of a single-model amateur site, it has been my own experience that your choice of a Virtual Identity and domain name go hand in hand, and both can greatly influence your online success. Here are a few thoughts on the subject:

Choosing Your Identity
Selecting the right Virtual Identity can profoundly impact your total success or ultimate failure. The name you choose for your identity brands you; and if you choose to keep this identity and continually build upon its success, then select a name that will excite you 10-20 years down the road - and not bore you - weakening over time like a passing fad.

All that you are to the buyer comes from your identity. The creations and ideas that come from your identity will feed into your company; without them, you will have nothing to sell potential buyers. Without a clearly defined Virtual Identity, there is nothing for the customer to relate to, and more importantly, nothing for them to connect to or "bond" with.

Your identity is the first brick laid to build a foundation on, without it the foundation is weakened. Having a Virtual Identity makes it easier to stay focused on the avenues necessary to continue to build and add to your site. Your identity creates a backdrop to what the design of your web site will look like, and how desirable it will be to the customer; all playing a part in how many times he comes back or if he will stay long enough to make a purchase.

The identity that you will choose for yourself (and your site) should reflect something about you personally, or provide something that imparts a "magnetic personality" to what you're selling. For example, the name of my new site, "Ayrora," allows me to portray a very powerful and mystical part of myself :

Take interest and study why heavily branded names like Playboy and Hustler are still around. Use these companies, and successful companies like them, as mentors for your own success.

Naming Your Web Site
Taking great care in what you name your site is a vital key to how much power you can draw from it, how many surfers you can draw to it, and also how much money you will make from it. Select a name for your site that clearly reinforces your Virtual Identity. The quicker you draw the surfer's attention, and identify yourself, the more chances you will have at making a sale.

With this in mind, choose a name for your site that is as unique as possible, and one that is easily and favorably remembered. Don't get too clever with it and assume that the potential buyer will be around long enough to figure it out. In this virtual sea of competing sites, your site's name should sell itself.

Don't copy others dreams, use and create your own. Your own dreams are easier to name and identify with because they come from you - and they will be much easier to build on because only you know exactly what your dreams need in order to be profitable.

Selecting a Domain Name
Choosing the right domain name is extremely important. Your domain name and the identity it projects must be more than an "address." You must dissect and use every angle in it to profit; taking each angle and maximizing it to it's fullest potential.

You should always select a domain name that clearly reinforces your virtual identity, and allows you to maximize the ways in which you can use your identity to profit. For example, one of the angles that I plan to use on my new site, is to create a line of clothing unique to Ayrora that women who fit the "personality" can purchase, and that men who enjoy something sophisticated and sexy can buy for that special someone. If I called my site "A Brunette Amateur Porn Star" or something like that rather than "Ayrora" - these options would be limited. Bottom line; it's all in your name!

In the weeks to come, I will make my own site and use it to sell my sexual wisdom, and the adventures I will share with you. Take time and great thought before choosing the perfect identity, and maybe your new identity will be the next name we all recognize 20 years from now: ~ Ayrora