Zombaio’s RedPass Off to a Strong Start

Alex Henderson

Billing companies are quite plentiful on the Internet. Some of them work with a combination of mainstream and adult companies, and some of them work with mainstream companies exclusively. Zombaio Payment Services, however, is an IPSP (Internet payment services provider) that has been focusing exclusively on the billing and payment needs of the adult entertainment industry.

And in 2012, Zombaio continues to grow and expand with its new payroll solution RedPass.

With RedPass, Zombaio is offering both personal and business accounts as well as the option of a RedPass MasterCard.

Zombaio, which was founded in 2007, has been describing and promoting RedPass as “an affiliate payment solution totally customized for the online entertainment industry.”

With RedPass, Zombaio is offering both personal and business accounts as well as the option of a RedPass MasterCard. RedPass Business, for example, can be used to pay affiliates and models; with RedPass Personal, the options include receiving or withdrawing money or sending funds to other accounts.

‘Zombaio has more than four years experience in the adult industry doing credit card processing and is registered as a payment institution — and with what has happened in the past with ewallet solutions, this gives our clients confidence in the Red-Pass,” explained RedPass’ Michael Olsen. “Clients processing through Zombaio can get their funds transferred to RedPass with no fee and withdraw their money at an ATM instantly — so (there is) no waiting for checks, wires or ACH payments. Affiliates promoting Zombaio sponsors have the same benefits …. A selling point for the affiliate programs that process through Zombaio is that their affiliates can get their payouts to their RedPass account for free and the same day it’s due.”

Olsen said that most of the people who will be part of Red-Pass are people who were already part of Zombaio. “The team behind RedPass is the same as the team behind Zombaio, with the addition of personnel experienced in the e-wallet industry,” Olsen noted. “We work as a team; everyone has contributed, and as a result, we have a great product.”

The adult entertainment industry has been an international industry for a long time, and in the Internet era, it is more important than ever for adult entrepreneurs to think globally. An adult Internet company based in Miami or Phoenix might have customers in Paris and affiliates in Melbourne, Australia; an adult webmaster who lives in Amsterdam might need to think about receiving payments from customers in the U.S. and sending payments to affiliates in countries in different parts of Europe. And Zombaio, Olsen pointed out, understands the international nature of the adult industry. In fact, Zombaio has offices in the U.S. (including offices in San Francisco, New York City and Mountain View, Calif.) along with offices in Halmstead, Sweden and Nicosia, Cyprus. Zombaio has phone numbers that offer support for customers in the U.S. as well as phone numbers that offer support for customers in the European Union. And with RedPass, Olsen said, Zombaio is continuing to think globally.

Although RedPass is a new solution and doesn’t have a long history (unlike Zombaio’s non-RedPass activities), Olsen is happy with the response that it has been receiving so far. “The feedback we have received both from our testing stage and in the early period of our launch has been positive,” Olsen observed. “We own the BIN of the cards we issue; so we have total control over the fees on the RedPass Master-Card. RedPass customers do not get charged an above-market rate upon current foreign exchange rates, which means that for transactions made in non-U.S. dollar currency, our customers save up to 3 percent compared to our competitors — and in the current economy, it’s good to cut costs where possible. The option to get an SMS when receiving funds, instant loads of the RedPass MasterCard and our high monthly MasterCard withdrawal limit of $75.000 have also received a lot of praise.”

Some online billing companies downplay their involvement with the adult entertainment industry, but not Zombaio. Indeed, Zombaio has made it quite clear that it caters to the adult industry exclusively, and Olsen stressed that the RedPass affiliate solution was designed with the billing and payment needs of adult industry in mind. “Zombaio only do adult transactions and have an established relationship with a lot of sponsors and webmasters, which has helped getting RedPass off to a good start,” Olsen asserted. “Having an established relationship with MasterCard and knowing all their rules and regulations and the importance of following them to the word have made the launch easier and will benefit RedPass since we will focus 100 percent on adult for RedPass and will not venture into other areas. We are 100 percent committed to making RedPass the best, cheapest and most secure solution for the adult industry.”

As 2012 progresses, Olsen said, RedPass will unveil additional features and options.

‘We have a lot in the works,” Olsen explained. “We will continue to improve the RedPass website, add additional withdrawal options and add rewards to our unique rewards program. One of the things I am most excited about is that we have a RedPass Platinum MasterCard in the works, which gives a lot more benefits than the regular RedPass MasterCard. With our fees, support, features and security for sponsors and affiliates, (customers can be sure) that their money is safe with Red-Pass. I only see good things in 2012 for RedPass.”