Tips for Turning Social Media into Website Visitors

Stephen Yagielowicz

Social media marketing can make or break a website today, as an increasing number of Internet users are eschewing searching and surfing — relying instead upon the recommendations of their peers.

The following checklist will help ensure that you are fully using today’s tools to cover all the bases and drive higher volumes of tightly targeted (and typically pre-qualified) traffic to your adult website:

Understanding your target audience and its needs is a vital ingredient for an effective adult social media-marketing plan.

Develop a comprehensive profile.

Different social media networks offer various depths of user information, displayable via online profiles that can convey a highly targeted persona when properly crafted.

Whether you use your own name to inspire the confidence and trust needed to succeed in a B2B environment, or a character that directly appeals to your intended consumer audience, carefully tailoring the author profile, including its associated thumbnail image or avatar, will add personality and market appeal to your marketing efforts.

Be sure to include a link to your website on your profile page when allowed, but remember that when using mainstream social networks, links to overtly adult sites may not be possible, so having a vanilla landing page as an intermediary between your profile page and any adult sites is an easy workaround. Also, remember to interlink your social networking site profiles whenever possible for quality exposure.

Post high-quality, relevant content.

Understanding your target audience and its needs is a vital ingredient for an effective adult social media-marketing plan. By openly sharing information of value with your audience, your ideas will not only receive the decisive test of peer review, but also help establish you as an expert within your field; endearing trust while garnering increased business.

This process is evident in adult review sites, blogs and other marketing channels. Be sure to optimize the content of your posts for keyword relevance —just as you would any other web page — to take advantage of any relevant longtail search queries performed on a social site’s internal search engine; or for those sites that allow Google and other search services to crawl them, those search engines themselves. Remember, if your content is worth viewing, viewers will find it — and do not forget the value of video and other multimedia offerings for attracting eyeballs, especially those accompanied by keyword optimized transcripts and alternative textual cues.

Engage and interact with your audience.

While networking is a core component of social media, especially within the B2B sphere, it is also useful for developing a performer, director or studio’s fan base, while easily leveraged to provide even more additional fans, by encouraging visitors to repost and “retweet” your material. Do not limit these efforts to your social media outlets, either: try to get the visitors to your website active in promoting it.

This applies equally well to gaining affiliate marketers as it does to encouraging “fan boys” to spread the word about your site’s latest update.

The important thing to remember is that social media is best used to facilitate a discussion between your brand and its customer base, rather than as a simple PR outlet.

Take the time to get to know the most vibrant players in your network and develop mutually beneficial relationships with them — this may lead to long-lasting clients and long-recurring members, as well as to those ever-elusive “whales” that are rumored to skyrocket the bottom lines of live cam promoters.

Regardless of how you choose to go about it, engaging in social media marketing can help boost website traffic, but the lesson is that careful planning, patience and practice will yield optimum results.


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