Niche Masters - StreemMaster’s Hygiene Solutions

Alex Glass

Toronto-based MSC Innovations, manufacturer of the StreemMaster Superior Portable Hygiene Solutions range of douche systems, kicked off 2012 with participation at the leading pleasure products trade shows, ANME and XBIZ Retail where the company had the opportunity to reveal how its range of products operate and offer some background as to the company’s beginnings.

In December 2010, Mike and Suzanne Carlen took over Callow Innovations Inc., to continue operations of the StreemMaster line. Mike and Suzanne Carlen became primary owners and are original investors of the StreemMaster line, and now their initials (MSC) spell out the company name as MSC Innovations Inc., which is indicative of the company’s faith in the brand.

Our plan is to expand our Hygiene Solution Line to provide the top quality hygiene solutions for people that need our products.

“The products are of the highest quality and because of the high demand Suzanne felt it was a good decision to keep the product on the market,” said Ryan Darbyson, vice president of sales and marketing for MSC Innovations. “The product is made from the highest quality parts and materials. Streem-Master has a built-in demand, and we are able to supply a product that is unique and high quality. The product speaks for itself.”

Darbyson came into the picture as a close friend to Suzanne. With more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, Darbyson said he took the opportunity to help a friend and accepted the challenge of establishing MSC’s success.

“We are right now focusing on the expansion of markets with our primary products, The StreemMaster Hydra Premium Shower Douche and of course the StreemMaster Hydra Elite,” Darbyson said. “We would like to take the products to new markets and expand the market we are in right now. We are looking at other products to expand our Hygiene Solutions Line.”

The StreemMaster Hydra Premium Shower Douche is made from phthalate and latex-free silicone and installs easily with no tools required. It includes two customized seamless and screwin medical-grade polypropylene nozzles, one standard and one comfort.

The StreemMaster Hydra Elite is made from phthalate and latex-free PVC. It has two customized screw-in nozzles and features 250ml capacity.

“Both products sell extremely well and the replacement nozzles are very popular,” Darbyson said. “Accessories like the 20-inch colon hose (for more deep cleaning and is also medical grade) sell very well. Our Travel bag is a phenomenal product as well.”

As part of the expansion, MSC released a new, more affordable medical grade bulb in December called the StreemMaster Hydra 250, a 70mm medical grade polypropylene nozzle that is an entry level product. The Hydra 250 is offered at a lower price and accessories for the product include replacement nozzles, travel bags and deep clean nozzle for the advanced consumer.

In January, MSC presented its revamped line, along with new packaging made from recycled material, at the ANME Show and XBIZ Retail in Burbank, Calif. “The ANME Show and XBIZ Retail show were great,” Darbyson said. “We received lots of new interest and we displayed our new packaging and the new Hydra 250, which was the star.”

The five-employee MSC Innovations team also plans to travel to the Venus and eroFame trade shows in Germany. According to Darbyson, MSC Innovations also receives promotional support from its various distributors.

StreemMaster is available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Austria, Holland, Israel, Australia and New Zealand; and has its sights set on new markets such as South America, Russia and Eastern Europe.

The company also is preparing for the release of new products in 2012, including another shower device to attach directly to a shower pipe.

“Our plan is to expand our Hygiene Solution Line to provide the top quality hygiene solutions for people that need our products,” Darbyson said. “We would like to make StreemMaster your choice for hygiene. When you think hygiene you will think Streem-Master.”