My First TGP: End Game

Stephen Yagielowicz

In this final installment of MY First TGP, I'll show you where I'm currently at with this project, where I'm going with it, and tie up some loose ends. I'll give you a few things to think about, and then I'll reveal one of the primary ways that I expect to profit from this site. Check it out:

The Initial Strain
If you visit The Smut Factory today using the Netscape browser (among others), you will see the following page:

This is actually my current index page, and it features one of the new Max Cash FPA's that promotes their wide variety of sites. Underneath the FPA is the core of my "Free Daily Pics" section that employs CEN's POTD links in a simple table. The "Directory" format of this page serves as a very effective Traffic Filter, and provides something for everyone, while adding the POTD table presents a free content base that allows me to legitimately claim "Free Daily Pics" - available for ALL users. But what about access to the REST of The Smut Factory? Well, that IS NOT available to all users:

One of the first lines of code on my home page is a JavaScript Redirect that sends surfer's using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (as well as the "Opera" browser) to my "Visitors" section. While the reasoning behind my elimination of Netscape is well beyond the scope of this article, suffice it to say that I am focusing my marketing efforts not on the whole pie, but on the most tasty bits, and leaving the crust behind...

For those of you who feel that this is "unfair" or a "waste of traffic" let me briefly state that as this is a "free" site, I am under NO obligation to provide anything to anyone, as they have not paid for my content. Additionally, the main goal of a free site is to send the surfer off to the sponsor as quickly as possible, preferably before he's even seen your content, and this strategy does just that, and quite handily too, I might add.

Making The Sale
For those surfer's smart enough (or fortunate enough) to use a "proper" browser, they will have access to my "Visitors" area, which pops a full-page frameset in a new browser window, and contains the TGP, as well as links to the content areas of The Smut Factory E-Zine. The links to "Chat Rooms," "Casinos," and "Sex Drugs" (as well as "Free Daily Pics" which is the TGP itself) are available to all visitors.

The links to "Videos," "Photos," and "Stories" are another case altogether, and clicking on them displays a "Join" page for the Free Net Pass AVS. This is a new program for me, but I feel that "giving away" Free Net Passes as a means of age verification and access control to my content offerings will be a lot easier than "selling" traditional AVS memberships to this type of traffic.

With the lure of free live sex shows, 3,000 video feeds, 20,000+ pics, and original erotic stories, this "free" up-sell should be popular, and with a payout of $15 a pop, this should become a lucrative source of additional income, and in fact was one of the primary motivators for me to build a traffic pump. What's next? Over the next week I'll be fine-tuning this site, enhancing the advertising options...

What's next? Over the next week I'll be fine-tuning this site, enhancing the advertising options, creating some banners and buttons, and requiring reciprocal links for the TGP and begin to market the site. I will also build upon the "Webmaster's" section with an eye towards the future: a future that includes the addition of a Top List site to The Smut Factory. ~ Stephen