‘Honey’s Place Live’ Hits the Road

Ariana Rodriguez

During XBIZ Retail 2012 Stockroom wholesale manager Layla Ross took a break from the company’s booth to film an upcoming episode of “Honey’s Place Live” in a suite at the Marriott. The shoot was one of many that the “Honey’s Place Live” crew filmed throughout the course of the ANME Show/XBIZ Retail back-to-back trade show duo.

Adult novelty distributor Honey’s Place’s Lou Anginone, the company’s buyer and senior account manager Laura Sweet have served as hosts of “Honey’s Place Live” for the past year. Behind the scenes, Honey’s Place director of marketing Rob Walker and Brian Barnett, the company’s video editor and director of photography, provide direction and film the shoots.

No one can replicate our personalities and chemistry, it’s unique and personal — it can’t be knocked off.

“We’re local and the events give us an opportunity to interview those that aren’t local but are here for the show,” Anginone said. “It’s a nice way to change the atmosphere and it’s convenient.”

In addition to the “Honey’s Place Live” episodes, which run for up to 15 minutes, the Honey’s Place team took the opportunity to also film new installments to its video series “5 Products in 5 Minutes.”

“The videos help personalize Honey’s Place,” Sweet said. “We’re just being ourselves and it helps us build strong relationships with retailers without them even having to be present.”

Last month, as Layla Ross showcased KinkLab beginner’s bondage gear and demonstrated the electrifying capabilities of the KinkLab Neon Wand kit on the “Honey’s Place Live” hosts by turning them into a human daisy chain, she said she was happy to be a guest on the show.

“As a manufacturer, we’re grateful for the opportunity,” Ross said. “We’re promoting each other and building a handin-hand partnership.”

According to Anginone, the show provides a “win-win-win” service.

“It’s beneficial across the board,” he said. “The point is to bring information to customers at no cost. The videos boost sales by allowing clerks to sell with more confidence.”

According to Anginone, after the second episode of “Honey’s Place Live,” which showcased Doc Johnson’s iRide, its sales went from seven to 10 per week to more than 60 per week.

Honey’s Place has other exclusive video series in the works, making the company’s indispensible and extensive industry experience and knowledge available to retailers worldwide.

“No one can replicate our personalities and chemistry,” Sweet said. “It’s unique and personal — it can’t be knocked off.”