Content Centralization: A Simple Approach

Stephen Yagielowicz

Last week I told you a bit about how to Centralize Your Content, and some of the benefits of doing so. That article spurred some interesting discussions on our new Article Dialogs message board as well as some newbies emails from those seeking an easy way to make this concept work for them. Here's a look at one way that I'm doing it:

For me, the practice of "Content Centralization" involves the development of an in-house content base using the familiar "E-Zine" model. What I'm about to show you is really a work in progress, and only half way finished, but is an integral part of a much larger project that I'll be unfolding here in the weeks and months ahead, so with that in mind, here's a peek under the hood:

The Fundamental Premise
To understand the basic concept behind what I'm doing, you should understand that I primarily build AVS sites. When viewed in the context of their role as "mini pay sites," finding qualities to market as compelling reasons for the prospect to make a positive purchase decision has become increasingly difficult.

When marketing AVS sites (and their big-brothers, "pay sites"), there is no such thing as having "too much content." This is especially true when member retention is your goal, as it is with premium level AVS' (and pay sites). Rather than building separate content filled back-ends, however, I can build one "E-Zine" and link directly to it. Now even one of my standard AVS feeder sites with 30 thumbnail pics on it can truthfully claim to offer "Live Sex Shows, 1,000's of Videos, 20,000 Photos" etc, etc.

A Flexible Architecture
One of the reasons that this project is so incomplete (it is in fact a re-hash of an earlier attempt, as I developed this concept) is that I am still uncertain of its final form factor. The reason for this is that the individual "pages" of my E-Zine might make compelling destinations on their own, and at this stage, even the basic level of integration is under consideration. This underscores the flexibility of my approach, as the end product can indeed readily become several sub-products, simply by linking to the appropriate page, and since I designed all of these pages to load inside of a frameset, it's a simple process.

A Quick Sneak Preview
Here are a few screen shots to illustrate the various pages I'm working on, and a look at the variety of content they contain:

The Video Channels and Photo Galleries pages comprise the main content base for my E-Zine. The video offerings are centered around the video chat feeds offered by Pornication and Private Feeds, as well as the hardcore offerings from InterClimax. Altogether this gives me "Dozens of Live Amateur Models, Live Amsterdam Sex Shows, Hidden Voyeur Cams, and Thousands of Hardcore Video Feeds!" One other great thing about my E-Zine is the opportunity for generating revenues from a variety of non-porn products.

The Photo Galleries page links to the InterClimax photo gallery databases, as well as the popular "Oral Database" site, as well as Wicked Content's XXX Database. Altogether this totals a bit over 20,000 images — images that I don't have to provide the bandwidth for. While I receive no "direct" revenue from offering these photos (unlike the 1-on-1 up-sell commissions that I receive on the video chat feeds), the "indirect" membership revenues resulting from the increase in sales I enjoy by offering 20,000+ photos on my AVS sites as opposed to the 30-200 they might otherwise offer is a definite plus.

One other great thing about my E-Zine is the opportunity for generating revenues from a variety of non-porn products. In this example, my "Fun and Games" page offers links to a variety of online gaming sites, and will include several other offerings in the future, such as free "Flash" games, and other diversions. Once again, the casinos will make money, the "add-ons" merely serving as traffic magnets. Viagra, and the various "Herbal-O" offerings among others, round out my growing "Sex Drugs" page, an added profit opportunity.

While none of what I've shown you here is particularly revolutionary or earth shattering, it does illustrate a simple methodology for increasing AVS site sign-ups, expanding free site content, enhancing a pay-site's retention, and diversifying your revenue stream. All it takes is a simple Web site that is little more than a centralized depository for third party content offerings, and marketed as an E-Zine. Why not build one yourself? ~ Stephen

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