A Letter to President Bush

Dave Cummings
Letter to President Bush: Wake up, Mr. President, and get into the game. You seem to be letting the line between Church and State get blurred by some of the radical and hypocritical right wing Christians, and/or possibly even by your own personal subjective religious preferences. Worse, your Administration seems to be targeting normal All-American behaviors for "beheadings" type punitive actions, apparently to politically appease the voters of the noisy but misdirected radical religious right. Well, Mr. President, you need to realize that normal Americans also vote, and that many of them want government to stay out of their personal lives; and, they don't want their President genuflecting to the vile and noisy religious right, especially when it seems aimed at their sex lives and their realization that sex between consenting adults is natural, normal and healthy! The "normal" Americans want their adult entertainment left alone, and they numerically outnumber the radical religious right, so it's time for you to stop playing ball with the radicals, and instead of hitting foul balls you need to understand the real playing field. Get into the ballgame, Mr. President!

Before explaining, here's some background about me. I am a 66-year old veteran who has always voted independent of party affiliation, and I've even voted for you once when I felt that the other party's nominee seemed like a weaker leader. I did not vote for you in the last election, though I felt like you did a good job of protecting America against further terrorism, and of your handling of the economy. I am a father and grandfather, have a B.S. in Economics (from a Catholic College), and a Master's Degree in Public Administration. I've had extensive experience in the financial arena; and, I am presently an adult performer, as well as a Director/Producer of adult films. I also own my www.davecummings.com and some other adult websites and domains.

Like many other non-noisy voters, I am appalled to see your Department of Justice subjectively adding manpower and emphasis against legitimate adult entertainment, instead of pooling ALL those assets to further pursue the illegal and disgusting child porn and exploitation of minors that needs prosecution. I feel that much if not most of the Internet child porn, along with the worst and most radical kinds of harsh porn originates in the former USSR and in Eastern Europe, locations that might quickly fill voids with more of the same if DOJ hassles legal/legitimate American porn and forces adult sites in the United States to scale back or close. I understand that some FBI agents have actually ridiculed the Attorney General's order to go after tax-paying employers in the legal Adult Entertainment Industry; something that these FBI agents feel is misdirected relative to other more important life-saving National Priorities, like fighting terrorism!

President Bush, please step up to the plate and insist that your cabinet members place proper emphasis and assets objectively, not subjectively to appease some radical right wing Christian voters! For instance, one of DOJ's recent regulatory antics is actually little more than a subjective effort to trap porn companies with admin oversights and errors in record-keeping as a means of prosecuting legitimate businesses under 18 U.S.C. 2257 – it is a misdirected regulation, and you should have it stopped now lest the courts do it later. Objectively, you and I know that these DOJ assets should be expended against terrorism and child porn/exploitation, not against the legitimate porn that Americans want and might react with LOTS of votes against YOUR party if you or DOJ tries to take it away from them – after all, Americans are normal human beings who will still somehow get their porn, even if it unavoidably means getting it from radical non-American sources. If you force American porn consumers to go off shore in order to buy and access adult entertainment, not only will the content be possibly harsh/illegal, but the Balance of Payments will be worsened by website membership fees being diverted to foreign lands; and, both State and IRS taxes will be lost, as well as American jobs. In America, adult entertainment is an economic engine. And, it's not just non-radical Christian men who want their access to porn, but its now also women and couples. American porn is near and dear to American voters, and Community Standards have changed considerably in favor of consenting adults having access to it; so-o-o, Mr. President, don't let yourself be hit by a pitched ball from a hypocritical pitcher from the radical right.

While you're at the plate leading the United States team, please also reign in those off-base legislators who are pandering to voters by proposing inappropriate and possibly unconstitutional bills against Adult Entertainment – it might make them "look" good to the media and voters by contending that their proposal is intended to protect children, but it doesn't! Too often, legislators at all levels falsely link children and the legal adult entertainment industry, just to rally voter and media support while masking their real intents. The American legitimate porn industry does not want and will NOT tolerate underage age performers in releases, especially since we're deluged with legal age applicants; and, the American Adult Internet does not want underage kids accessing adult sites, let alone as customers. And another leadership matter, President Bush, please insist that legislators (for example, Senators from Kansas) seek input from the Adult Industry for which they are holding hearings to subjectively support their proposed bills against that Industry – getting one-sided biased and set-up input is like a pitcher throwing a spitball!

Bottom line, Mr. President is that you need to be more attuned to the REAL voters in the upcoming 2006 and subsequent elections. To do this, I think you need to crack the whip and guard MUCH more objectively against inappropriate politics and Church versus State collisions in your team's field of play. And, you need to tell your subordinates to stop striking out at legitimate adult entertainment. You are running short of time, both in your term and the fall/future elections. I sense that Republicans at all government levels, not just the national elections, have an uphill battle because you've mismanaged your team. Some State and Local legislators might have been foolishly emboldened by your Administration's pandering to the religious hypocrites, many of whom are actually normal human beings who still need and secretly enjoy sex as a natural part of life on Earth but who feel unnecessary guilt and later demand more restrictions against legal adult entertainment (at least until the next time they themselves have the natural urge to secretly view and enjoy it, which causes their cycle to repeat over and over again). I find it appalling that we still read and hear news accounts about Catholic priests and others who have and/or are sexually exploiting children, yet the radical religious hypocrites aren't throwing strikes at them – indeed, it seems like they are purposely giving them walks!

So, President Bush, I urge you to shape up. Be a United States President, not a tool for religious hypocrites to misuse; and, make certain that your team keeps their eyes on the ball, namely the fight against terrorism and child porn but NOT against the All-American love and need for legitimate American adult entertainment.

For America, I call on all legal citizens to get registered to vote, to become informed about the record of incumbents and the positions of challengers, to actually vote in every election they are eligible for, and to actively influence their friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, etc to do likewise. America's beloved Constitution is stronger than the present challenges against the right to free speech, privacy, and freedom, so I ask all normal Americans and all fans of Adult Entertainment to get in the game – VOTE!

God Bless America and our brave troops everywhere!