Corbin Fisher Makes Big Move Into Vegas

Bob Johnson

With its brand new 15,000 square foot campus that will house a production studio, fitness center and employee dining facility, Corbin Fisher is high rolling into Las Vegas.

Best known for its hunky college men performers, the top selling brand is part of adult powerhouse Liberty Media Holdings (LHM) that in addition to the, also operates, AmericanCollegeSex. com and among other properties.

It was time for the company to have a mega-facility. We looked all over the country for the right place, and Vegas won out over all the other prospective cities.

But what’s unique and surprising about the company that recently scooped up the domain, is that it produces and provides more than just gay content and has its sights set expanding its online portfolio to include a mixed bag of sexual offerings.

Although founder and LHM CEO Jason Gibson (the man who is Corbin Fisher) emphasizes that the company’s core product is “hot, young college men,” and will continue to produce the type of content that has made it successful, his plans include “fun videos” that offer diversity.

In fact, some of Corbin Fisher’s products already include straight men and girls — that includes — exemplifying the company’s openminded attitude about sexuality and more interestingly, its savvy about consumers’ bi-curious interests.

So how did a gay company decide to work in some straight sex into its signature gay brand?

Gibson recounts, “In focusing on finding the hottest college-aged men, invariably some of them happened to be straight — and some had girlfriends willing to join in on-camera. As we started to film and release more of these videos, it became increasingly apparent our fan base wanted as much as possible, and that turned out to be enough for a brand new site,” explained Gibson. “It still focuses on the men, though — our audience is, to an overwhelming extent, interested in hot, young college men above all else, so the videos — though featuring straight sex — are shot with a focus on the men.”

But Gibson stresses that his company will not stray from the type of content that’s made it famous. was created as a separate site (though a membership to includes access to both and for members who “enjoy men and men alone, with no female presence.”

“While many of our fans cross over between the sites,’s status as both a full-service, standalone site gives us the opportunity to try out all kinds of fun video types, mixing young men and women together, including male/male/female bisexual videos and videos in which the females are dominating the guys. These video types will be a regular part of what we film and release,” Gibson says.

Chief business development officer Brian Dunlap adds, “We will, or course, continue to focus on making our core content featuring the hottest college guys. In recent months we have expanded our guys and our boundaries with some light bondage and domination. But Corbin Fisher will always remain focused on the all-American guy having hot sex.”

This kind of progressive marketing and customer savvy has contributed to Corbin Fisher’s success and ultimately spurred impressive growth since its launch in 2004. In eight years, Gibson — a former law enforcement pro and human resources executive — built one website into one of the most popular gay destinations on the Internet.

With offices in San Diego and Florida, Corbin Fisher positioned itself to recruit bi-coastal talent, another clever company strategy that’s contributed to its expansion, so much so that Gibson and company decided to consolidate the mini-empire in one location to better serve its corporate goals and to be in a geographic location that lends itself to adult interests and tastes.

And what better place than Sin City?

Gibson’s human resources background makes him particularly concerned and sensitive to the needs of his company’s employees, and he targeted Vegas as a place where the company could build a new “campus” for employees to blossom, and a corporate headquarters where the company could prosper.

Dunlap explains, “It was time for the company to have a mega-facility. We looked all over the country for the right place, and Vegas won out over all the other prospective cities. It has great transportation infrastructure, models like to travel here, it is business friendly, no state income tax, and in line with its reputation as “sin city,” it is friendly to adult businesses.”

“We always keep the needs of our employees front and center,” adds Dunlap. “Since our CEO came from a corporate human resources background, we need a facility that allows the company and staff to grow comfortably and be as creative as possible.”

Dunlap notes that LMH provides full healthcare benefits including 401K, education benefits, time off for charity work and matching charity donations — lots of incentive for would-be Corbin Fisher employees in a job hungry Vegas economy. Especially talent — who can earn upwards of $1,000 per shoot.

And Vegas’ global attraction is also a prime spot for new talent, although Gibson maintains that the company has a network of scouts that recruit from all over the country. “If we work with someone that is local it is coincidental. Even when we were in Florida and California, we never focused recruitment of performers locally, and that continues to be the case in Las Vegas,” he says.

Along with its new megacomplex, the company has some ambitious plans.

Dunlap says that as with Corbin Fisher’s e micropayment site, CF Select, the company’s always trying to find the best way to get content to its customers as well as provide them with what they want to see. And that will include the aforementioned variety of sex sites. “We see growth as well in our straight site, Corbin’s Coeds, and also have some tweaks to make to Corbin Fisher, as we prepare it for it’s next evolution,” Dunlap notes.

The big question of course is what it will do with, although the site will be presented independently from the other Corbin Fisher properties.

Dunlap says the firm will roll out “Phase 1” of Gay. xxx in the spring of 2012 that he describes as “a destination point for all quality adult-oriented gay material on the web.”

Aside from all things gay, Corbin Fisher hasn’t taken its eye off of its industry and social responsibilities.

The company maintains that its support of the industry as a whole will also continue to play into the company’s 2012 plans. Executives say that as adult continues to struggle with the issues of piracy and traffic decline from affiliates, they hope to see more studios joining with Corbin Fisher to actively prosecute pirates and illegal file sharing sites.

“The business model of membership sites will need to adapt to the consumer’s changing needs, in terms of price and services. And, as always, new technologies will bring new opportunities as well as challenges.”

The issue of proposed mandatory condom use is also a hot button on the company’s radar.

Company attorney Marc Randazza points out, “We respect the sentiment behind it, but we don’t need the government to tell us how to make our art or how to take care of our people. We take the safety and health of our models extremely seriously. Our testing standards are above and beyond the industry norm, and we intend to keep it that way. We are the only adult company that contracts and pays for a urologist to examine each performer and their test results before green lighting them to work on our productions.”

With its new Vegas digs, more than 32 full-time employees — most of whom have come from outside of the adult industry — and its new high-profile .XXX domain, it’s a good bet it will continue to be a major player in every game in town.


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