Webmetrics Keeps Your Web Host Honest

Stephen Yagielowicz

We’ve all seen web hosts boasting of impeccable speeds and uptime, but whose word can you take for it besides theirs? In other words, how do you know that visitors around the world are experiencing the load times you’re paying for? Maybe a script is at fault?

Neustar Webmetrics (www.webmetrics.com) offers solutions that have you covered; ranging from their free offering for low traffic websites, up to enterprise level monitoring that reveals your website’s true performance characteristics with browser-based testing.

Using real browsers, not simply HTTP requests, we can catch errors that other low costs providers miss.

Powered by BrowserMob, Webmetrics Basic Monitoring services allow webmasters to keep a constant eye on their website’s performance.

Webmetrics states that Basic Uptime Monitoring checks HTTP requests to let users know if a URL is up or down; while utilizing a Firefox browser to provide access to APIs allows the inclusion of full page breakdowns of page elements in its reporting.

“Using real browsers, not simply HTTP requests,” explains the company website, “we can catch errors that other low costs providers miss.”

According to the company, when a problem is detected the service sends an email alert notifying the webmaster of the issue so that it can be resolved before customers are negatively impacted. The system also allows users to optimize performance by revealing data about site trends, helping to identify potential problems before they occur.

The system supports advanced Selenium scripting, offering access to its rich API, so users with Selenium tests can easily import them for website and application monitoring.

If you want to know how fast your site loads for everyone (or if it even is loading), then Neustar Webmetrics may be right for you.