Using Sponsor Programs, Part 3


In my last article I showed you how I put my sponsor's banner on my site and enhanced it with custom text links that they provided me with as well as my purr-sonal recommendation of my sponsor's site. I also showed how I built my site reviews traffic filter as a way to maximize my income by providing more choices to my visitors. A lot has changed since Stephen gave me a few ideas on adding a counter to my site and how they're used to measure my traffic. So now that I've got you all on the edge of your seats, here's what has changed and how it all happened.

Eager to make use of my sponsor's tools, I went to their site and clicked on the "free content" link where I discovered a quality selection of exclusive content that contained two versions of each photo set (medium and large) in a zip file. They also had samples of each girl for me to check them out before I downloaded them. I was impressed with the quality and clarity of the sample photos and noticed that the girls were wearing the "Orgy Party" t-shirts with my sponsor's logo and URL on them. As this is the pay site that I'm focusing my efforts on sending my traffic to, I found this to be an excellent way to advertise this fact. I also liked their choice in color schemes and backgrounds as they blended well with my site, and the photos were soft-core with the models tastefully posed, which made me feel more comfortable using them in a non-age verified environment.

Making it Fit:
Overall I was impressed, so I downloaded the zip-files into my local hard drive; I then unzipped the files and viewed the complete collection using Thumbs-Plus. I would have preferred that the images be all the same size, but when it's free you don't complain, you work with it; besides they were all of exceptional quality and definitely something to work with.

I had 186 pictures and narrowed them down to 36 of my favorites from the complete collection. I took 6 photos of each girl (enough to make a decent free site with) and used the large images (which slow down the loading time of each picture, but give better quality). This was important if I wanted to show the visitor the quality of my sponsor and what the pay site had to offer, and since the URL and logo were on the t-shirts, I wanted to give the best impression possible.

With A Personal Connection
I decided to purr-sonlize my sponsor's free content by using my new gallery as "My Girlfriends" so as to be one of the "Orgy Party girls," creating a connection between me and the Orgy Party girls for my visitors to be drawn in by, and want to go to my sponsor to join and see more. Because I had designed my site to look good at 800 x 600-screen resolution, I made six beveled thumbnails of each girl to fit within my site design, and found a table background color that blended nicely with my sites background style.

I then built six separate galleries, one for each of the girls, and arranged the thumbnails in a way that gives them an eye pleasing design, placing them to sort of tell a story ~ a nice balance from the model's wearing clothes, to wearing very little or nothing. This is a time-consuming process that some might think a waste of time, but as an artist I like to create a comfortable balance that is pleasing to the eye but teases for more. To make it easier for the user I then added an "alt" tag on each thumbnail that said "CLICK THE PHOTO for A CLOSER VIEW."

Maintaining My Site's Appearance
Rather then simply linking the thumbnail to the full sized image, I placed the full sized images on their own individual HTML pages. Why? It helped me to be able to maintain my site's appearance by allowing me to keep my own background, have the image centered for a better appearance, and it also allowed me to have content over and under my pictures. I placed a caption over each image saying "My Orgy Party Girlfriend" followed by the model's first name, which even further personalized my site and branded my sponsor's site, giving them an identity and connecting them to me as well as selling them to my surfer.

I then placed an alt tag on the large image that said "Click Here for More" and linked that to my sponsor. To mask the URL to prevent the surfer from knowing where the link would take them, I used a JavaScript "OnMouseOver" to display the same text as used in my alt tag in the browser status bar. Underneath the image I added "Back" and "Next" links for easy navigation, as well as a centered bold text link that said "Click Here for More" which takes you to (you guessed it) my sponsor's site, with links that had mouse-overs as well. This completed my six galleries, I then decided to make a central gallery page, selecting one of the thumbnails from each gallery for the central gallery page. Then I linked the thumbnails back to their respective galleries...

This concludes the latest additions to my site, showing what I have learned and accomplished so far, but I'm not through yet! Stay tuned for more: ~ Ayrora