Pjur Excellence

Alex Glass

In 1994, pjur group founder Alexander Giebel began selling lubricants throughout Germany and soon after the company made its claim to fame as the “first producer to develop silicone lubricant” with the debut of pjur Original BodyGlide. The company followed up its innovation with expansion into other international markets and claims to have sold more than 70 million bottles in more than 50 countries among its international affiliates.

“During the next few years, pjur group continuously increased its product range and turned the brand name into an exclusive, internationally recognized label,” the company said. “Today, the company has branches and partner companies in New York, Miami, Mexico City, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Moscow, and various other cities around the world.”

Pjur’s products are still manufactured in Germany in order to maintain the brand’s quality while it relies on worldwide distribution partners to make sure that it reaches the farthest corners of the globe.

Among pjur’s founding principles who are still involved with the company are Richard Harris, Jack Palmquist and John Marinello, who helm pjur USA; and Alexander Giebel, Patrick Giebel and Andrea Giebel, who helm pjur EU from the company’s headquarters in Luxembourg.

According to the company, pjur’s products are still manufactured in Germany in order to maintain the brand’s quality while it relies on worldwide distribution partners to make sure that it reaches the farthest corners of the globe.

“pjur group is constantly growing and wants to be the first choice for consumers and business partners alike,” the company said. “The company’s goal is to expand its network of international business relations and to gain a foothold in new markets. Therefore, pjur is looking for new partners, while at the same time expanding its product range.

Innovative research and strategic planning have enabled pjur to cater to the different needs of consumers and create new buying incentives for their products.”

The pjur product range is separated into six different categories: bestselling Favorites; femalefriendly Woman; Men products for various occasions; Stimulation sexual enhancing lubes; Scene, which includes CULT latex cleaner and Clean, which encourages hygiene through cleansing products such as pjur med Clean products.

Among pjur’s principles is the company’s dedication to all-natural ingredients.

“Every pjur product is made to combine pure pleasure with purity and quality,” the company said. “To that end, pjur group does not use any flavorings or colorants in the production process. The entire product range is dermatologist tested and subject to strict quality and safety management, abiding by the highest German criteria.”

As part of the company’s dedication to safe ingredients, pjur said it developed the first delay spray to be launched internationally that did not include lidocaine or benzocaine. pjur group’s innovations also includes adding natural active ingredients such as gingko, ginseng, and jojoba to its BodyGlide lube.

As the company enters a new year, pjur group USA CEO Richie Harris said that the company is preparing to release “the coolest display for stores ever.”

The new display includes options to take up full walls within a retail store, a three-shelf standing unit on wheels or a countertop version.

“Producing products of the highest quality and setting new standards is the main objective of pjur group now and for the future,” the company said.


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