Hard Candy Debuts With ‘A Mother’s Love’

Jared Rutter

Director Nica Noelle and star Vanilla DeVille are sharing some girl talk on the set of “A Mother’s Love” when actor Xander Corvus bursts through the kitchen door with his black jeans pulled down to reveal a fat semi-erect cock.

“My balls are huge — they hold up my shorts,” he laughs, making the most of his flasher moment.

The script must support the sex scenes. You can’t just throw sex scenes into a mainstream [film] imitation.

Noelle smiles indulgently. “We let Xander be Xander,” she tells Vanilla. “He can do anything, acting-wise.”

She introduces him to her leading lady, who giggles, “I’ve already shaken his dick.”

The vibe on this set is loose and friendly, an encouraging sign.

“A Mother’s Love” is the first production for Noelle’s new studio, Hard Candy, which will release boy-girl product. Girl Candy, her company’s other half, is dedicated to girl-girl product, a Noelle specialty. She created three lines for Mile High Media (Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner, Sweet Sinema) before leaving and entering into a partnership with VoD giant AEBN, which will release her movies to stores and on demand in early 2012.

It’s the very beginning of a two-day shoot, early on a Saturday afternoon at a sprawling Porn Valley house with many small rooms crammed with all kinds of bricabrac — a mother’s well-feathered nest.

The crew seems unhurried as it sets up lights. They’ve already worked together on a Girl Candy release.

Actors, including leading man Dane Cross and the lovely, rail-thin Zoe Voss, are going in and out of makeup. Corvus is keeping everyone entertained.

Despite a hangover from his 23rd birthday bash the night before, Xander is a happy young man. He’s had an outstanding year and is constantly in demand. “I hardly ever have a day off. When I do I spend it playing video games and listening to metal bands.”

Excelling as both actor and stud, he’s been used a lot by Noelle, most recently in “an Edwardian movie, a romance” whose title he can’t remember. (It’s “My Mother’s Best Friend 4: Lost in Time.”) He likes working with her. “Nica wants us to focus on authenticity more than just getting the job done. She wants us to enjoy ourselves.”

Noelle is naturally excited about starting a new studio and optimistic about working with AEBN vice president Jerry Anders, who is simpatico with her vision. “He’s not an old-school porn guy.”

She writes her own scripts and has very specific ideas about what belongs in a porn movie. “The script must support the sex scenes. You can’t just throw sex scenes into a mainstream [film] imitation.”

She adds, emphatically, “A lot of porn directors would rather be doing mainstream movies. I wouldn’t.”

In boy-girl movies she goes for “hot, intense sex scenes even if you can’t see the clinical shot. It’s the body language that speaks.” Don’t look for a lot of genital close-ups in her movies, but do be prepared for internal pop-shots (though not all the time). “There are fans who want to see the orgasm with the couple still connected.”

“A Mother’s Love” concerns a young man (Cross) who falls in love with the mother (DeVille) of his best friend (Corvus). Says Noelle, “She’s something of a mother figure to him as well. Finding yourself attracted to someone you should not be attracted to — that’s the hottest thing people go through. Everybody relates to that kind of intense feeling.”

With such a sensitive subject Noelle knew that casting the mother would be crucial. “I wanted someone who didn’t look like she’s been around the block a million times.” When she saw Vanilla in action on her website, www.vanillaDeVille.com, she knew she’d be right for the part. “She has certain qualities. She’s beautiful but normal —secretly hot. She also has intelligence.”

DeVille is indeed pretty, with dark hair and very fair skin, a bright smile and a trim, curvy body. She’s been working in porn since 1999, until recently exclusively on the web.

A few months ago she started working with a movie agent and is now shooting “not as often as I’d like.” The reason is that she lives in Arizona and has to fly to L.A. once a month to do scenes.

After 12 years on the Internet she has naturally moved “more into a MILF niche. Who knew that getting older I’d be getting more work? Back when I started you were through at 25.”

Lights are being set up in the three rooms of the house where the action will unfold. Dane Cross is snoozing on a couch. Vanilla has been summoned to the makeup chair. The stage is set for the first Hard Candy feature.

Noelle surveys the scene with well-earned satisfaction and concludes, “The porn gods are smiling on me.”


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