TrafficForce Makes Grand Entry

John Stuart

Last September, PIMPROLL unveiled its new network of sites and traffic tools, TrafficForce, and in its first month of existence scored more than 900 million impressions. Now, only a couple of months later, that number has jumped to nearly 2 billion.

“In just over two months we’ve more than doubled our impressions,” beams Ross Allan, advertising manager for PIMPROLL and TrafficForce. “It really is incredible. We’re very happy with it. It’s causing a nice buzz of excitement around the office, and everyone wants to improve it and keep it up there as one of the best systems in our industry. We fully believe now that it’s one of the best.”

We spent about one year building this system, making sure it’s up to scotch for the current needs of the industry.

What makes the young network one of the best is the ease with which advertisers can use it while making a lot of money.

“It’s a fully self-managed advertising system where our advertisers can buy traffic on high quality sites like,” Allan explains.

“Our advertisers can log in, create their campaigns from their accounts, and there’s no need even to speak to us if people know what they’re doing. We approve all the ads in the back end ourselves, so as soon as the ads are approved we send them out and in one to five minutes you’ll start seeing traffic.”

The system’s sparkling start in just a few weeks doesn’t mean creating it was just as quick, however.

‘We spent about one year building this system, making sure it’s up to scotch for the current needs of the industry,” says Allan. “It started out really slowly in getting the system up to speed. We tested. We made sure it was the right system for us, and once we were happy with the basics, we then began the task of implementing the features it didn’t have. We put a lot of advanced features into it for advertisers and there is only a $100 minimum buy in. We felt that, the way the industry is going, we want to set the prices of our traffic ads at the very lowest levels and let the market dictate the true price. Things like that just took a little more time, but the core nucleus of the system is there and available for our advertisers to buy traffic.

“Some of the detailed features that we built into TrafficForce are daily budgeting so our advertisers only need to spend $50 or $100 per day. That’s all they have to spend in the early stages, just to make sure things are working out.”

Allan points out another key reason for the network’s early success.

“All the sites are owned by us,” he says. “We don’t sell traffic on third-party sites, and we sell them from our network only. On our network we have mobile sites, we have websites and advertisers can buy on each specific place. We also do geographical targeting and time targeting, because there is no point in targeting a place like India if you can’t bill those people. If you want to buy only U.S. traffic, then thanks to our geotargeting all you will receive from our websites is U.S. traffic. With time targeting you can do it at only the most productive hours of the day, so if you know that your traffic is better served on your product from five pm to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, you can do that with our system. That allows you to control exactly when and what hours of the day that traffic will see your ads. And it’s the kind of traffic you can trust. Traffic-Force puts its name behind that.”

Although the designers of the TrafficForce system are pleased with how it has performed after spending so long developing and testing it, they realize that they must stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing technology of online business.

“We have about nine new features in the hands of our developers right now which we hope to roll out to our advertisers just after the Christmas and New Year period. Certainly we’re not going to just sit back and rest. We’ll keep working to improve the system and make sure it’s the best system we can give to our advertisers. This business changes from week to week, so we know that we have to be ahead of the competition.”

One of the advantages that TrafficForce has over its large competitors — and competition for traffic is extremely stiff — is that the network owns and controls the traffic of and Allan stresses the TrafficForce commitment to keeping the ads “clean” and of a high quality.

“At the end of the day we’re not just another broker,” he adds. “We’re not just taking our 20 or 25 percent. Their money is coming into their companies and it’s their traffic. We also have some very good fraud control. We have a lot of reporting, logging and tracking in the back end of our system. We monitor every little change an advertiser makes and this makes for a much better system. If there is any suspicious behavior, we’ll catch it within 40 hours.”

Allan also believes that the network’s attention to detail is a very important reason why TrafficForce stands apart from its more powerful competitors.

“We’re very cautious about who we do business with,” he says. “There are some networks that will make a deal with just about anybody to make some money. All of our ads are screened by our people. The system doesn’t screen the ads. Every single ad passes my eyes. We check the landing pages and make sure they are things we would promote ourselves if given the chance.”

The fact that TrafficForce Network is fully owned and operated by a solid and dependable company like Pimproll also provided a huge advantage in launching it last September.

“Pimproll is a name everyone can trust,” says Allan. “It’s been in the industry for 11 years and still going strong. We have more than 400 paysites and 45,000 affiliates, so people know what they’re going to get, and advertisers can feel safe when they deposit funds with TrafficForce. They know about the integrity and honesty we’ve achieved in more than 11 years in the business. Pimproll is a very trustworthy name, and that is what we want to incorporate into TrafficForce.”