FSC: On Our Plate for 2012

Diane Duke

The FSC Board of Directors met in late November to look forward and set FSC goals and action steps for 2012. The board first revisited to FSC’s three-year strategic plan — that concludes the end of 2012 — to make sure it was in keeping with its long-term goals. Those goals include improved communication, financial stability and most importantly, success in meeting the needs of our members.

Internally FSC will update our website and IT platform to better serve our members in a user-friendly manner. We will be able to target our messaging providing information and action steps about issues that most directly impact each member’s segment of the adult industry.

As always, we will be a watchdog for the adult entertainment industry against unwarranted regulations, censorship and attacks from anti-industry extremists.

Issues that are a priority for FSC in 2012 include:

Copyright infringement — FSC will continue its work through its Anti-Piracy Action Program to eliminate illegal uploads of content on tubesites. FSC’s goal is to avail free fingerprinting for all content providers and to get everyone signed up to use the tube platform to monetize their content. We will also lobby for and monitor potential conflicts with federal copyright legislation.

Performer health — FSC will continue to build on it Adult Performer Health and Safety Program to ensure that industry protocols continue to be standardized for all productions and that our performers get the best care available at a low cost.

Patent trolls — recently companies have developed business models around buying up old patents and trying to capitalize on them by imposing bogus patent challenges on online business processes both adult companies and mainstream. FSC has held some initial conversations with adult business professionals to assess how we assist adult companies when they are challenged. We will launch an online FSC resource center to help adult companies who have received patent challenges to network with other companies that have received similar challenges and to help coordinate resources.

In addition to the aforementioned issues, FSC plans to expand outreach and services to adult retailers and novelty companies. We are working to get our members group rates for health insurance through our association and of course, we will continue our relentless push to right-size 2257.

We will continue to provide great customer service and to be a valuable resource for the networking and business needs of our members. As always, we will be a watchdog for the adult entertainment industry against unwarranted regulations, censorship and attacks from anti-industry extremists.

If you are a member of FSC, thank you for your support — we couldn’t do what we do without you! If you are not a member, you are missing out on one of the best resources available to adult companies worldwide. Contact Joanne, our membership director at Joanne@freespeechcoalition.com for more information about becoming a member.

Finally, I would like to wish a happy and prosperous 2012 to one and all!


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