WIA Profile: Vivian Paguio

Women in Adult

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How did you get into the business?

Outside the scope of my degree in Marketing, I am self-taught in most things technical.

My ex-husband used to be the head hunter for Gamma Entertainment. At the time, I was looking for something more behind-the-scenes. FameDollars, which is a subsidiary of Gamma Entertainment, was looking for a webmaster and they hired me for that position. Two months later, I was offered the affiliate manager position and took on this role for two years. The task necessitated inventiveness and dynamic strategies to acquire new clients and maintain old ones. Those two major skills in particular, had led me to foresight that social media will eventually become a social business. In 2011, that discovery catapulted my new role as the PR and Social Media Manager.

What in your background prepared you for what you are doing now?

Outside the scope of my degree in Marketing, I am self-taught in most things technical. My desire to learn, experiment and try something new everyday is fuel to my drive. I am also very agile to the changing times. All of these tied together has what weaved my work tapestry to what it is now.

What do you see as the challenges of working in the adult online business? How do you overcome them?

Coming from a very religious family background, it’s not an easy task to divulge to my family exactly what I do and what I work on a daily basis. Thus, I have tried my best to separate my work and personal life as much as I can.

Despite that, my name is just a google away for my folks to know that I work in the adult industry. In hindsight, it’s not what I do, so much as why I do it.

Does your work life affect your personal life?

No, it doesn’t. I enjoy my work life while I am at it and savor the pleasure when I am doing things outside it.