Crunkporn unleashed

Gram Ponante
Like you, I am a strong black man who knows that the only way one can feel anything in Los Angeles is to crash into it.

Let me start again.

In addition to Vivid-steve, the ancient Cahuenga Blvd. company has launched Vivid-crunk to appeal to people of my musical stylings and flizzow.

Like Jack Kerouac often struggled to define what his kind of literature was, and what it meant to be "Beat", Rapper (or, as the press release hastens to point out, "Famous rapper") Li'l Jon, known as the King of Crunk, points us to an energy drink website to explain the musical movement most associated with Atlanta.

"Letting loose, feeling free, and expressing yourself is crunk."

Li'l Jon has joined the ranks of rappers who have appeared in non-sex roles in porn movies. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Luther Campbell and a few other hip hop artists grace their porn videos, but only rapper Debbie Harry ever actually took anything off (for Playboy, before Blondie).

Li'l Jon's Vivid Vegas Party follows the artist through Vegas hotel rooms and to the 2004 AVN convention (the one that took place in January, 2005). I did not see Mr. Jon at that convention, as I was working on my own folk rock-themed porn video called "I Ain't Swallowin' Anymore".

“We’re going to show you how we party," Li'l Jon said. "We’ll show you how we get down and how freaky wild we get.”

Li'l Jon's Vivid Vegas Party also stars Mercedez, Lexie Marie, Angel Eyes, Ayana, Fire, and Cherokee.

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