If the Shoe Fits...


There's an old saying "If the shoe fits, wear it..." While the original author of this quote would have probably never thought that his statement could ever be used in the context of on-line porn, it got me thinking about all the different ways one might find his or her own personal niche to profit from in our line of business. After all, just because it's the porn biz doesn't necessarily mean there's only one way to make a living:

With all the people coming into this industry (including the laid off mainstream "Dot-Com'ers") seriously thinking about how they can become a part of the porn business, now is a good time to think about what you are good at. I know what you're probably thinking now: "Yah right, I'm not getting naked for the camera!" You're not alone; but what you don't understand is that like any other well-run business, in the porn biz the opportunities are endless. So I ask you: "What are you good at?"

Looking Back
When I first got started in the porn biz in 1998, I found that I was good at taking off my clothes, and comfortable with nudity. But I learned quickly that having my own porn site brought out a few other things I was good at as well, especially if I wanted to keep costs down and not have to hire others to do the work for me.

Thinking back on the other jobs I had worked at in the past, I realized that I was good at a lot of things, including: sales, working numbers, organization, artistic expressions, and I was excellent at making long lasting business relationships. Most of all I could learn and adapt easily. Here's how I applied these skills to find out where I fit best:

Applying Your Skills
In sales, the online porn business needs people who are good at finding a variety of different ways to push a sale. They have to be comfortable with talking to people on the phone and in person. They have to be in tune and responsive to the buyers needs no matter the time of day. If you are a "born salesman" then there is a job in porn for you.

Working numbers (as long as it involves making money) is an easy one for me, but you also need to be capable of subtracting numbers as well. Always remember that even though your business is on-line, this doesn't mean that when tax time comes around, Uncle Sam will look the other way. You should be good at keeping track of all expenses as you will be putting money into your business as well as taking from it, making sure to keep the numbers in balance so as not to overwhelm it and pull it under. If you're an accountant, there's a job in porn for you.

Which brings up the issue of "organization. If one is good at organizing then you should be able to file statements and contracts, keep track of the bills, and make travel arrangements (sort of like the same job a personal secretary has), etc. whether on or off the computer. You should also be creative and be able to keep everything under control and at your fingertips. If you can be an effective manager, then there is a job in porn for you.

Having an eye for what looks good and then being creative in pulling at the human senses using design is the realm of the "artistic." In the porn business, this ability can be used to design Web sites, edit pictures, develop advertising, and give artistic opinions and advise in consulting with other companies as well as your own. If you are a graphic artist or advertising (marketing) executive, then there is a job in porn for you.

All of this reminds me of a little story I must share:

When I became a Real Estate agent in New Mexico, I had the great pleasure of being introduced to the world of selling dubious homes, and one such silly home in particular comes to mind: Everything inside this house was from the 1940's, the fixtures included. Every day I would cringe at the thought of showing it to buyers, knowing good and well that I would probably sit on this beast for the rest of my life. Then a brilliant idea came to me; the solution to my problem.

The next day, I called the people who wanted me to sell their house and asked them if I could move half of their stuff into their garage, and rearrange the remaining stuff I chose to keep in the house. They agreed. I also brought over scented candles to light around the place, put some snacks and coffee out, and played soft music as well. To make a long story short, I finally sold the house because I had an eye for what looks good and was creative enough to make it work!

Doing these things was not what I expected when I got into real estate, just as the opportunities you find in online porn may not be what YOU expected. Just because it's the porn biz, doesn't mean that you need to take off your clothes, or show pictures of others who did:

Summing It Up With Relationships
Ever hear the statement "Never bite the hand that feeds you"? Like any good relationship, listening to and sensing one's needs and taking care of them can go a long way. If you are genuinely caring and helpful wherever (and whenever) you're needed, a company picks up on this, and because you are there for them, they will rarely go to someone else first, and may even tell others about your abilities.

If you want to find opportunity in the adult biz, and would rather work for an established company than to try and start your own, check out Adult Staffing. They may have just the exact job you're looking for:

Over all:If you are able to learn and adapt to the lifestyles of porn, then anything you are good at can be applied as you evolve and succeed in building a future in the porn biz. This being said, I ask you one last time:"What are you good at?" ~ Ayrora