Using Sponsor Programs, Pt. 1

Ayrora Temple

Having just built my first original "real-life" erotic story site (using the Free Net Pass AVS for the primary means of income), I was looking for a way that I could profit from those who visited my site but didn't want to join, but how?

When I thought about it I remembered my last article at XBiz on "Communication & Interaction" and the big "Get Paid" banner that appeared along side my article, saying "up to $40 dollars per trial!" and "up to 60 cents per click!" but what did all this mean? I decided to find out, so I went back to my article and clicked on that banner.

It brought me to — a part of the same company that owns XBiz. I found that this site describes a "Webmaster affiliate (or sponsorship) program" with 7 "super converting" adult pay sites that I can send traffic to, and get paid a commission for anytime someone I refer joins one of these great looking sites! So if the surfer that enters my site isn't interested in becoming a member of my site, maybe he will be interested in joining one of these; and with the commission double that of my Free Net Pass, this could be a profitable source of extra income — all from sales that I might have otherwise lost!

I dug deeper in the Helmy Cash site, and found that they offer comprehensive statistics showing detailed information about all the traffic I would send and how much money I was making. I wasn't sure what all of this meant yet, but it sure was comforting to know that it was all available to me! Another plus I found is the free photos that they would give me, that I can use to make additional galleries on my site with. They also had different ways to increase sales and help me make more money from my traffic, but once again I wasn't quite sure how much all of this would mean to me. All I know is that they have been around since 1996 and have a good reputation to back it up.

Getting Started
I was ready to get started but still had a few questions on what this was all about and how to get started, so I took a few minutes and read about the FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions list. The FAQ helped me to understand that they would be providing me with banners and text links that I would place on my site, and that would be linked to one or more of their 7 sites. When any of my visitors clicked on one of these banners and bought a membership to one of Helmy's sites, I would get a commission. The thought of that made me purr! It all sounded so easy, and if I had any problems along the way with signing up or anything else, help was only a phone call away... Great! So, how do I sign up?

Signing Up
I clicked on the giant "sign up" button and was greeted by a simple online form that immediately set me up with my very own account. I read down to the bottom of the page, and found that by signing up for this program that I would be agreeing to certain terms and conditions, and I wanted to know more about them. There were two links; one that said "Terms and conditions for per trial sign up" and the other "for per click." I wasn't exactly sure about the difference between the two but $40 dollars sounded better then 60 cents, so I decided to go with the per trial program.

I found that my commission would be $35-$40 dollars depending on the number of sales made and that checks were sent out twice every month. There was a minimum amount of $50 dollars to receive a check, which meant that I had to make at least two sales a pay period if I wanted to get paid. That didn't seem so hard and I wouldn't lose out, because if I only made one sale, they would carry it over until I made another sale, which I thought was pretty cool.

There was a lot of fine print that made me dizzy but it was easy enough for me to understand and mostly covered things I would never do (even if I knew how). So I filled out the form, and clicked on the sign up button. Next I received a page that had all my account information, including the special link codes I would need to link the banners on my site to any of my new sponsor's sites. I printed this page for my records, and then saved a copy of the linking URLs to a text file so that I could easily add them to my site later.

Selecting Banners
At the bottom of the page a link said "Click Here for Banners" and so I did. I was taken to the banner page and greeted by a large collection of regular banners, "power" banners, free content, pop-up window codes, combo ads, full page ads (FPA), and text links. Once again I wasn't sure what some of these things were; and since I really wanted to get started, I decided to grab a regular banner. I selected one from "Orgy Party" (their most popular pay site).

The banners for "Orgy Party" were offered in a variety of themes, shapes and sizes. Using one of the "group sex" themed banners seemed to make sense for promoting a site called "Orgy Party" so that is what I chose. I began looking at the choices in banners and found they were really hot! ~ Maybe a bit too hot to display on my "outside pages," since they'd be in a non age-verified environment, so I found a "softer" banner that also fit nicely into my site, and following the simple onscreen instructions, I saved the banner to my hard drive.

All that I needed to do now is place the banner on my Web site along with the custom URL that they provided me with and wait for the checks to roll in. Could it really be this easy? Come back next week and find out! ~ Ayrora