Classic Erotica: Crazy Flair

Ariana Rodriguez

When romance focused product manufacturer Classic Erotica decided to update the look of its signature Crazy Girl collection of beginner’s intimacy products, Classic Erotica Vice President Loren Levy and Jane Liszewski, vice president of marketing and sales, didn’t have to look very far.

“When I was first hired on with Classic Erotica, packaging design wasn’t necessarily something I was hired to do, but since I have previous experience in graphic design Loren and Jane gave me the freedom to come up with concepts for the line,” Classic Erotica marketing coordinator Cassandra Kirkley said. "Fortunately, they liked my concepts! This project was something I had a lot of fun with and I am thrilled with the end results.”

In today’s society, people are much more visual than they used to be so it’s extremely important to use design as a key component in capturing your audience.

Prior to joining Classic Erotica in November 2010, Kirkley — who on a day-to-day basis primarily handles press requests and marketing both online and off — gained valuable knowledge in the mainstream cosmetics and beauty industry.

“I think this has really helped in the product development and marketing of the new Classic Erotica brand,” Kirkley said. “We differentiate ourselves in this industry by being a woman-friendly brand, which I think complements mainstream beauty industry consumers. Essentially, we are targeting a similar audience of women that know what they want in a product and it’s part of my job to recognize these trends and translate them over to the adult industry.”

The freshly repackaged 12-piece Crazy Girl line debuted at July’s ANME Show with soft, pastels and a modernized, youthful logo.

“Jane and I wanted to create a youthful aesthetic with a sensual twist,” Kirkley said. “We wanted it to be fun and girly, but not too soft that it had no edge. By using the hot pink colors with the hints of black and the suggestive font, I think we achieved the just the right amount of nice with the perfect amount of naughty.”

In updating the Crazy Girl packaging to attract younger women, Classic Erotica also modernized its vocabulary — reintroducing the world to pheromones as a “sex attractant” formula.

“In order to complement the new youthful design of the line, we knew that some of the more dated terminology would need to get revamped as well,” Kirkley said. “Saying things like ‘sex attractant’ opposed to ‘pheromones’ we believe will garter the attention more from the younger consumers. The great thing about revamping the look and the terminology is that we are opening ourselves up to a whole new consumer base that will buy the products because of the cute look and feel, and will fall in love once they experience the quality ingredients and effectiveness from each Crazy Girl product.”

The Crazy Girl collection includes bath and body products like intimate shave crème, body lotion, body mist and shimmery “Diva Dust” that are paraben-free, sugarfree, sulfate-free, made in U.S., and not animal-tested. Crazy Girl also includes a soy massage candle that’s complements the collection’s Pretty Plumeria and Pink Cupcake scent varieties. Crazy Girl also includes oral gels, arousal cremes, a vaginal tightening gel and an anal desensitizing gel, as well as “pleasure balls” kegel exercisers and a Tushy Teaser beginner’s anal toy.

According to Kirkley, her marketing skills played a role in the designing of the Crazy Girl packaging.

“I believe that marketing and design go hand in hand,” she said. “In today’s society, people are much more visual than they used to be so it’s extremely important to use design as a key component in capturing your audience. I believe this to be true especially with female consumers. It’s not just about functionality of a product; it’s about the look, the feel and the connection a person has when they see their favorite items in the store.”