Company Profile: AdultAppMart, Zeroing In

Alex Henderson

The adult entertainment industry has a long history of being quick to champion technological innovation, and in recent years, that has included the ever-growing mobile/wireless sector. One of the companies that is zeroing in on the adult mobile market is AdultAppMart; launched earlier this year by a group of experienced industry professionals, AdultAppMart has specialized in adult-oriented applications for Android mobile devices — and the company is making its mark among both consumers and app developers.

“Having been in the adult space for over a decade and being part of the evolving industry, it was a natural transition for our progressive and forward-thinking exec team to start focusing on a mobile product,” explained Quinn, president of AdultAppMart. “We evaluated the competitors and their approaches to adult mobile app markets and realized that our relationships and understanding of the space would prove positive and conducive to a more dynamic and revenue-generating product.”

Having been in the adult space for over a decade and being part of the evolving industry, it was a natural transition for our progressive and forward-hinking exec team to start focusing on a mobile product.

According to Quinn, the popularity of Android devices made Android a logical focus for AdultAppMart — which has grown and expanded in different ways since making its debut. When AdultApp-Mart added in-app billing to its product, Quinn said, app developers liked the fact that consumers could be billed without having to exit the app. And in October, AdultApp-Mart added QR codes to the desktop version of its site.

Quinn noted: “AdultApp-Mart has not stopped growing and improving on itself since its inception…. We have recently added QR codes to our PC store front to help make downloading apps even easier. We also have created an affiliate program that can be used as a non-compete upsell. We are constantly looking to improve our store and the user experience along with our developers and affiliates experience.”

Savvy adult entrepreneurs recognize the importance of branding, and Quinn said that AdultAppMart is an effective way for them to promote their brands. “AdultAppMart offers development services to all companies,” Quinn noted. “One of our services is a very inexpensive semi-custom application. The company can use this application as a sales tool to drive more leads to their main mobile site. The application can also be created to offer some content via in-app billing; this allows a company to offer a great free app with some teaser content along with links to the mobile paysite but also, lets the company monetize those users via in-app billing. If you provide a quality app, your customer or possible customer is going to see your icon and check out your app from time to time. As it’s with them at all times, this helps build your brand — and over time, you will convert some of those users.”

Quinn added: “As with all mobile-centric adult businesses, the ability to easily bill the consumer is the biggest challenge. AdultAppMart is constantly tweaking our payment methods to make the process as seamless as possible for the consumer, and (we are) giving all our development partners the best chance to sell their apps or in-app billing upgrade to our user base.”

AdultAppMart’s Androidoriented adult app marketplace has been offering a variety of erotic apps and catering to different adult niches, ranging from MILF/cougar erotica to gay erotica to transvestite or “tranny” erotica. Many of the apps offered at have nudity, although there is an entire section of the site that offers non-nude adult apps (including a few softcore alt-porn apps that feature tattooed models).

‘We are starting to see more niche developers enter the space,” Quinn observed. “We welcome those sorts of partners, as we want AdultAppMart to offer something for everyone. We want to be the premiere destination for adult apps and are well on our way. While legally, some niches will not be allowed on AAM — as they are not supported by the various card associations—we do keep the doors open for all legal niches and are enjoying seeing the trends within the various genres. More developers should focus on creating highly niched apps; they tend to have the most loyal consumers.”

Presently, the apps offered at are only compatible with Android devices and not with non-Android mobile devices such as Research In Motion’s Black-Berry or Apple’s iPhone. However, the FAQ section of the site states: “It’s possible that in the near future, we’ll start developing AdultAppMart for other mobile devices.” But for now, Android devices remain the company’s primary target in both the North American and European markets. Quinn said: “AdultAppMart is focused on native Android applications, and we feel the needs are the same in the USA and Europe in regards to Android adult apps….We have significant growth plans and expectations for AAM. Our consumer base grows weekly, our app offerings grow daily — and we are positioned to move on to other projects in the new year. Our web app-based store would open the floodgates to all consumers, and we look forward to offering that in the near future. While that is in development, we continue to remain focused on building our core business, as that is what will always be the foundation of AAM. And we want to continue to offer the best adult app experiences for consumers and developers alike.”

So far, Europe has been the part of the world that has consumed the most mobile erotica; cellphone porn has been quite popular in Europe for a long time. But many proponents of mobile erotica believe that the North American market has tremendous growth potential, and that includes AdultAppMart.

“Our focus has primarily been U.S.-oriented, as the potential market is huge,” Quinn asserted. “However, we have kept our sights set on other regions of the world; we feel most countries present themselves to be big markets and are expanding our reach accordingly .... We believe the growth potential in the U.S. and worldwide is huge and plan on doing our part to lead the way.”


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