Paxum: An E-Wallet Leader

Alex Henderson

As the distribution methods for adult entertainment have become increasingly high-tech, so have the payment methods. And in today’s world of digitally distributed erotica, payment options are diverse. One of those options is the pre-paid or pre-loaded method, which is the specialty of Paxum. Known for its flexible e-wallets, Paxum (which was started in Quebec, Canada in 2007) has established itself as a leader in the prepaid/pre-loaded sector.

Ruth Blair, sales manager for Paxum, said that convenience and security are two of the main reasons for the success of the success of Paxum’s e-wallets. Blair explained: “Paxum is a global money transfer service offering clients the ability to instantly transfer money to anyone, anywhere in the world. With a Paxum account, clients enjoy a variety of services, including multiple funding and withdrawal options, the option of a Paxum MasterCard attached to their account for instant access to their cash, bulk/mass payment options for business clients, Pay Now buttons for e-commerce, instant peer-to-peer transactions, low fees and regular service and feature upgrades.”

With Paxum, payments go out smoothly every time, leaving business clients with more of their valuable time and less financial headaches.

Blair continued: “Paxum has been adopted as an alternative payment option by a large portion of the online adult entertainment industry. From large publicly traded companies to small start-ups, hundreds of adult sponsor programs actively pay their affiliates through the Paxum P2P service — and thousands receive their payments this way.”

The digital revolution has made it more important than ever for adult entrepreneurs to maintain an international outlook; a successful adult webmaster might be based in Arizona or Florida, but many of his best customers could be living in Europe, Asia or Australia. And the need to think globally, Blair said, is one of the reasons why adult businesses in different parts of the world have been working with Paxum.

‘Paxum clients represent a large number of countries across the globe,” Blair noted. “From North America to Australia, Russia to Japan, the Netherlands to Brazil, Paxum clients live all over the world. International clients enjoy Paxum’s service for the ease in which they can receive payments compared to traditional methods. Many international clients experience additional fees when receiving money sent as a wire or check payment from banking institutions; this can result in receiving considerably less of their expected payment. With Paxum, it’s straight-forward and instantly available.”

Without question, the digital revolution has made adult entertainment more global than ever — and Blair said that Paxum’s international focus has made its e-wallets an attractive option for adult companies that want to be successful in as many different countries as possible.

“Another key factor in the popularity of Paxum is the ability for clients to sign up for a free account from practically anywhere in the world,” Blair asserted. “Many adult webmasters, as well as businesses, operate from all over the globe. Having a payment option that can send and receive payments anywhere in the world is definitely a practical decision.”

Blair added: “While wire and check payments are both popular payment methods in the online adult entertainment industry, Paxum e-wallet offers benefits neither of the other options can provide — namely, instant access and withdrawal of incoming payments.

“With a Paxum e-wallet account and a Paxum MasterCard, adult affiliate webmasters can receive their payment and have that cash in their hands within a matter of seconds if they desire. Sponsors gain the benefit of ensuring their payments are sent out instantly and all at once for a very low per-transaction fee. With Paxum, payments go out smoothly every time, leaving business clients with more of their valuable time and less financial headaches.”