Count Your Blessings

Harlan B. Yaffe

Joe, David and I were in Spain in September of 2008 when “Dubwya” officially announced the US economy was on life support and I feel like I have been in a bad mood ever since.

The recession spiked a depression that has claimed sales, and our sanity, with it. As thought turn to Thanksgiving at the end of the month, I am thankful for those of us still around, surviving to capitalize when things get better and thought this was the perfect time to remind us all why people keep buying our product in the first place.

Nothing is perfect forever and realizing that, we must keep our surfer’s believing that the next update may just deliver their newly refined idea of erotic bliss.

Take a moment and think about your favorite jeans right now – they likely have a narrow or skinny leg. No take a moment and think about your favorite jeans from a few years ago which likely had flared bottoms and changes are next year, your new favorite pair will be something different. Nothing is perfect forever, not the economy, not your jeans, and not your last update, no matter how hot the action is or how much fan mail the model received.

We shot the scene, wrote the copy, edited the video, launched the update, sent out the promotional materials to the affiliates and added the new scene to the rss feed and if we have done our job correctly, that job specifically being to convince the depressed surfer that the sexual nirvana they seek to escape is just on the other side in our member’s area and a simple join form away. Transaction complete, masturbation complete, but what’s next? If this was a one time blow-and-go, they will get off and so will we, get off without making a dime that is. We need them to re-bill and you can’t do that unless you understand not just how, but why!

The how is easy – regular updates always on schedule that fill the niche of the site is the how. The why, however, is a little more complex. Just like last year’s go-to jeans that have been relegated to car wash apparel, the same thing happens to every update after the initial mission is accomplished. Everyone has their favorites and let’s say a real fan gets a few squirts from your latest episode, but then they start looking and thinking…”I wonder what would happen is they did ______ instead” or “If their eyes were ______instead of brown ______ or “what I wanna see next is ______.”

Nothing is perfect forever and realizing that, we must keep our surfer’s believing that the next update may just deliver their newly refined idea of erotic bliss – and then give it to them. And then we start all over again, we keep delivering what they want and they keep recurring to give us what we want – the dollars to shoot the next scene and enough profit to allows us to pay ourselves and perpetuate our existence another day.

Since the initial sale to a surfer usually does not allow the program behind it to make a profit, we need that consumer to come back the next month so we can move our balance sheets into the black and that’s makes the expiration on scene not such a bad thing, but a blessing. If we do not count those blessing now, we sure will not be counting money later!


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