An Introduction to Traffic Filtering

Stephen Yagielowicz

The concept behind Traffic Filtering is simple: give the surfer what he wants! Why? Because that's the way you make money in this (or any other) business! While this might seem to be a no-brainer, it is surprising how many sites fail to implement even the most basic of filtering mechanisms. This is a shame, as it's so easy to do, and can dramatically improve revenues. Here's how to add Traffic Filtering to YOUR site:

The theme of your site is the most basic of filtering mechanisms; after all, a surfer interested in mature brunettes will not necessarily visit a pregnant teen midgets site. Typically, Webmasters will then send their traffic to a sponsor site promoting the same niche, i.e. teen sites will send traffic to teen sponsors, amateur sites send traffic to amateur sponsors.

While this approach makes common sense, it overlooks the fact that most surfers have diverse interests. Teen traffic may convert quite well on amateur sites, amateur traffic might convert well on mature sites, and so on: This approach also overlooks the fact that some folks fall into your site by mistake; clicking the "wrong" link on a long list of similar looking links. This can happen because the text is small, the surfer is drunk or high (yep, believe it or not, lots of people looking at porn are f*ucked up at the time), or their English language skills are not quite up to par.

Traffic Filtering allows you to capitalize on all of these situations (and more) by giving you another chance to make a sale — an important advantage in today's extremely competitive marketplace. Let's look at a few techniques:

Filtering With Text Links
In its simplest incarnation, Traffic Filtering can be done using "blind" text links in a navigation bar at the top and bottom of your pages that will filter surfers to the sponsor's site; for instance:


This is particularly useful if you have a single sponsor that offers sites across several niches, and you wish to profit from surfers who hit your page "by mistake." It is also an extremely effective mechanism for reducing bandwidth on free sites (when these text nav bars are placed on your "warning" page), diverting surfers before they even have a chance to enter your site. Alternatively, you might also try something like this:


This is especially useful if you promote a single sponsor site, as it will allow you to link to the appropriate tour page. For instance, the "VIDEOS" link would go to the particular tour page that described the sponsor site's abundance of video feeds. ...maximize your advertising effectiveness by giving the surfer just what he was looking for.

Or better yet, use both - filtering by niche at the top of your page, and by the type of content at the bottom of your page. This way you can maximize your advertising effectiveness by giving the surfer just what he was looking for. The very reason why we filter traffic in the first place:

Building A "Mega" Traffic Filter
By far, the single most effective form of Traffic Filter is what I like to call the "Mega Filter." This is usually implemented through the mechanism of a "directory" of adult sites, or in simpler terms, a link list that lists (only) sponsor sites. Here's a screenshot of my main Traffic Filter:

To understand this concept better, consider how directory sites work: a surfer visits it because he is searching for specific content, i.e. Amateurs, Teens, Lesbians, etc. Rather than presenting the surfer with his desired content, the directory site guides the surfer, recommending a selection of sites that may satisfy his needs. While this approach is often overkill for those with a single sponsor, it can be very effective for Webmasters who belong to a number of sponsor programs, each of which will offer several sites across a variety of niches. My particular Mega Filter has listed as many as 100 different sponsor sites.

Using A Mega Filter
Want three great applications for such a device? How about TGP galleries, AVS sites, and exit consoles! Consider that most TGP's limit the number of outbound sponsor links - why try to send all of that traffic to just one sponsor? The same thing applies to "premium" grade AVS sites, which are often limited to 2 to 5 sponsor banners or text links. Why waste them? Promote your Mega Filter instead of the sponsor. Since the filter's links pop in a new browser window, I now have the chance to send the surfer off to a dozen teen sites (for example) - instead of just one!

Finally, have you noticed that your exit consoles don't pull quite as effectively as they once did? Why not replace them all with Back Button Redirects that will pop your Mega Filter in the main browser window? Surfer's who didn't like your main offer will now be sent to your sponsor site directory where an unlimited array of choices may be presented.

As you can see, there are many ways of filtering your traffic; all of which are effective techniques for maximizing your site's income. Implement them today, and watch your profits soar! ~ Stephen