Traffic Force Tackles Adult Traffic Market

Stephen Yagielowicz

Traffic acquisition is the lifeblood of any ecommerce enterprise, but as a vitally irreplaceable commodity, it is often jealously guarded — hoarded and savored by the largest of players — boasting long-established networks and deep financial resources.

Fortunately, these days, all it takes is a little cash to get your slice of the traffic pie.

Traffic Force is a multifaceted web advertising company that deals exclusively with adult-oriented material.

Enter, a new online advertising brokerage backed by the power of PimProll, which reportedly provides more than 900 million impressions per month for advertisers seeking targeted traffic from sites such as

“i’ve been in the media buying side of the business for close to nine years, working with all of the major buyers and sellers of high quality traffic,” said ross from Traffic Force. “Now, after more than a year of internal testing and tracking, i’m proud to announce the official release of Traffic Force, a system i believe to be the absolute best of its kind thanks to many innovative features.”

According to the company, Traffic Force is a multifaceted web advertising company that deals exclusively with adult-oriented material; catering to online advertisers by way of generating and providing high-quality traffic to sites with similarly themed content.

“We have been here from the nascent beginnings to see how internet advertising has progressed and evolved from its early birth pangs to the complete, enterprising behemoth it is today,” states the company website. “This means we have also kept a close eye on the ever-evolving business coalition between clients, customers and merchants.”

Buying traffic from Traffic Force is easy: simply create campaigns with the smart campaign generator, choose the desired ad placements and set your bids, then upload your creatives and begin receiving traffic within minutes.

Real-time editing, geo- and time-targeting capabilities, frequency capping, fraud control, detailed daily statistics and budgeted delivery, coupled with experienced support, ensures that buyers remain in control of their ads and audiences.

One of the distinctive features of Traffic Force is that it does not allow any third-party publishers, relying instead on its own in-house traffic supply — a measure which quashes problems associated with less reliable traffic sources.

Traffic is sold on a CPM basis, with placement bid increments as low as 1/100th of a cent, and real-time performance reporting, which provides for highly competitive pricing.

“Get the most out of each impression by creating quality promotional materials and measuring effectiveness while evolving your campaign to maximize the click-through ratios and conversion ratios,” states the team at Traffic Force, which is here to help your site get the visitors it needs. Check them out and boost your bottom line.