Successful Online Communication & Interaction


Good communication is an extremely important ingredient in any relationship, whether it is personal or business. In a business relationship, creating a long and successful one begins by finding out the needs and wants of your members or future prospects. Today, On the World Wide Web there are many ways to successfully communicate and interact with those who are willing to pay. If they only had a chance to tell you their fantasies, "oh how sweet life would be" — and not just for the buyer, but for you too!

I have spent many nights picking the brains of those who desire to pay to see me (and many other Porn Mistresses like me) online, trying to figure out what keeps them interested and why it is that some spend the money, while others simply move on. But because most humans are extremely complex creatures, all this studying and picking of brains got me no where fast, and the conclusion I finally came to is that I needed to find a way that my members could come to me with their ideas, and communicate with me online.

Keep Them Satisfied & Hold Their Interest
The first thing I did is set up an email address where my members could email me with there secret desires, which in turn helped me to keep them satisfied, giving me fresh ideas and also helping me to build long term members. Then I created a place for interaction, a way that I could visit with my members, by building a chat room. This created a way that my members could feel as though they had more then just pictures, and also helped me in holding their interest (especially if your as good as I am at talking naughty).

Writing sex stories is another passion of mine; but wouldn't it be fun if you could create a place on your site for your members to participate in writing sex stories along with you? This type of interaction will create another way for you to seek out their fantasies while feeding and satisfying them, once again creating interaction with you. When I created my message board I designed it specifically for "sex stories," and added a space at the top to explain what this message board was all about. Then I submitted the first part of the story for my members to add to. Not only is it great for connecting and interacting, but also when the story is complete, it gives me more content for my library of online sex stories.

Give Them Quality Time With Live Video
Another great way to communicate and interact with your members is to have live "one on one" personal video shows with them. The reason I say "one on one" is because it's much easier to set a schedule with those who really want that quality time (and will pay extra for it), then to waste all day in front of a video camera waiting around for someone to come in and interact with you. This live "one on one" video interaction between you and your members gives them another avenue into feeding their fantasies, making you more "real" in their online world, and creating a bond, therefore keeping another long term member.

Bottom line: Finding ways to communicate and interact with those who spend their money at your site rather then moving on to find something more, is in your best interest. If your idea was to really succeed at creating satisfied, long term members, then don't just sit there and look pretty for the camera, do something about communicating and interacting with the buyer who is ready and willing to spend, "it is you who has to do the selling." Communicate and Interact, and they will cum. ~ Ayrora