Presentation Is Everything


Have you ever heard the old saying, "The first impression is the lasting impression?" While what holds the customer's interest is "The Package," without a decent first impression, he will never get to see "the whole package." The way you present your site determines this first impression, but unfortunately, it seems that many Webmasters fail to consider this. Here's what I mean:

Even though you may have an "Amateur" site, that doesn't mean that you should have an "amateurish" design, or an unprofessional style. Just because a man likes a "real" girl to look at, doesn't mean he will stay interested if the face of the place is unprofessional. It's more important to keep surfers focused on the sale, then to lose them to the distractions. Do this by finding ways to create uniqueness without creating confusion. Here's a few ideas:

Make Your Site Clean
One of the problem areas that I have noticed while surfing over the years, are sites that use too many colors, creating a clown effect. This is great for the circus, and can make things feel fun and happy, but it looks messy and unprofessional on porn sites. Leave the rainbow of colors for the kids, and stick with two or three "power" colors to make an impression, keeping in mind that your site should be a soothing place to cum often.

Another problem area that I see all the time involves the misuse of fonts. Not all computers have the same fonts installed, and while some systems may have your chosen fonts, other computers will show the default font option instead of your chosen font, which can instantly ruin the design and style of your site. Keeping to the fonts that are most commonly used like Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, and Times New Roman, will go along way towards solving this issue.

I have also noticed in my surfing travels that some sites have way too much "stuff" on their front page, like banners, counters, animated logo gifs, photo content - the list goes on and on. Always keep pictures to a minimum, remembering not to give too much away for free. Keep in mind that all of this stuff is "heavy," and will make your page load slower. Remember, not all of us can get high-speed Internet access; many of us still surf at 28.8k (or lower)! I, like many other surfers, will simply not stay and wait around if the site is too "heavy" and takes too long to load: "There's just too much out there to see, and so little time." Don't get me wrong, flashy designs are exciting, and can turn heads, but your site is online, and not a trip down the Las Vegas Strip.

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate
Keep the number of pages on your site to a minimum, but keep in mind that long scrolling pages will not solve your problems in trying to fit it all in, this will only add to your problems, because there really are still people out there who have no idea how to scroll. A Web page that displays your content, without requiring the viewer to scroll, and pops into your computer screen perfectly and cleanly will create an organized and professional presentation.

Not all surfers have JavaScript enabled, and if your navigation bar requires it (such as a rollover or a drop down menu) these surfers will not see your navigation bar, and will therefore move on to a site that gives them an easier way to navigate. If you want to keep the fancier look for your site's navigation, then an easy solution is to add text-based navigation at the bottom of each page.

Make sure to check your site in more than one browser. Checking in both Internet Explorer and Netscape (the two most common browsers used) is a good idea, helping to make sure your site comes up correctly in both. Remember, the surfers who can easily funnel through your site are the ones who will line your pockets and ultimately pay to keep your site running productively and profitably. Make your navigation easier, and you can funnel more surfers through.

Having a proper presentation will increase your profits, while helping you to build a professional online identity. Your site's front-page presentation should be clean, fast and show a small (non-explicit) taste of what your site has to offer. Do this, and succeed. ~ Ayrora