Director's Chair: Veteran Director Lizzy Borden

Bob Johnson

Porn star Evan Stone was locked inside a “Mork & Mindy”–like space egg for more than 20 minutes with only a few air holes that allowed him to breathe.

Sound extreme, even for a porn film? Well it fits, considering the new spoof on the classic TV sitcom was directed by the “Queen of Extreme” herself, Lizzy Borden.

I’m a director and the one thing about me is I can direct anything.

What may seem as a departure from her regular cinematic interests, Borden says she’s always wanted to direct a sitcom-type porn movie and Dreamzone’s “Mork & Mindy: A XXX Parody” fit the bill as one of her all-time favorites.

“I love Robin Williams, and in my opinion Evan Stone is a dead ringer for Mork,” she says. “He nailed the performance in my movie. I’m very happy. But any movie with Evan Stone is gonna be great.”

Although the spoof was one of Borden’s ideas, she’s quick to point out that the production was a collaborative effort between her and her team — a trio of industry heavyweights — all of whom were enthusiastic about the sitcom idea.

Rob Black, Tom Byron and Axel Braun gave Borden the inspiration and fueled her passion that ultimately helped her smooth over the detailed-oriented production. She says she owes them all a debt of gratitude for their coaching, considering parodies are the new “it” thing in porn and producing them requires top quality.

“All three [directors] inspired me from start to finish and they continue to teach me every day. I’m very lucky to have them as mentors,” she says.

Borden further points out that parodies, as opposed to original scripts, are now “a fight to the finish with who’s got the better cast,” a natural for the director who says she’s the “master at casting.”

The “Mork & Mindy” parody challenge was also a welcome project for her because she’s always loved costumes, props and makeup — essential elements of the classic TV show. And despite the campy subject matter, Borden contends that directing the film was not a departure from her extreme style. “It’s just a different movie.”

“I’m a director and the one thing about me is I can direct anything,” Borden says. “I used to think I couldn’t change because of my ‘extreme status.’ I thought I had to be extreme all the time, almost like I was brainwashed in a way.”

Borden says that things are different from when she was a 20 year-old female director. “Today anyone can direct. With an ‘extreme label,’ well you live it. But as you grow and learn from other directors, your eyes open, your mind opens, and you see things differently, you want more. You want to challenge yourself. You want to do those movies on the back burner.”

The director says after her stint in federal prison she came out “like a bat out of hell” with a stronger purpose. “You pull that knife out of your chest and get back to the grind of making adult movies. But better cause you have something to prove not to anyone but yourself,” she says.

And Borden feels “Mork & Mindy” is a testament to her broader abilities and validates her as a skilled adult director.

“The movie will be a huge success because well, it’s a TV classic and it has a super-hot, amazing cast — and I’m the master at casting,” she says.

While Stone plays Mork and Chanel Preston is Mindy, the other principal cast members include Kagney Lynn Karter, Nicki Blue, Marie McCray, and Tegan Summers. Male roles include Tommy Pistol as the “Fonz” along with Seth Gamble. Tom Byron plays Orson and adult journalist Mark Kernes has a cameo as Mindy’s dad.

But “Mork & Mindy’s” far from a typical adult film. True to Borden’s typical “shock and awe” approach, the movie takes the sugary premise of the original TV show and blasts it into space.

Preston says the movie opens up with her giving Gamble a blowjob that ultimately results in a huge fight. She then finds a lost Mork whom she brings home.

“I was very excited when asked to play Mindy since it was such an iconic TV show,” Preston recalls. “‘Mork & Mindy was such a fun set to be on and Evan Stone and I had such a good time playing both of these characters. The dynamic between the two are hilarious and hopefully we both brought that out in this movie.”

Borden says, “It was amazing and a honor to be on set with everyone. The cast and crew worked hard late into the early mornings. I feel this movie will do excellent I’m very proud.”

Although the movie’s sex is “very hot,” Borden says there’s nothing in it that’s “gross, weird or extreme.” “Mork does have alien sex. I wanted to show how he has sex on his planet so there are a few kinky sexual things going on in Mork’s planet. Mork has sex with alien Nicki Blue and they do some kinky stuff. Let’s just say she bends very well.”

Recently signed on for representation with LA Direct Models, Borden says she’s busy producing and directing for Lizzy Borden Productions and working on her company website.

The director said she’s also preparing to go live with weekly shows on — all projects that fit well with what is her undisputable amount of “extreme” talent.


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