Taylor Wane

Rodger Jacobs
"I don't know how we survived before the Internet," Taylor Wane says with a rush of wonder in her soft British accent. "It changed everything. Today I can reach fans all over the world with just the click of a mouse."

Wane worked hard to develop her fan base, yet it is safe to say that the immediacy of the Internet has rendered her route to success a fast and successful one. With the unique distribution channels of the Internet, adult stars are now literally being made overnight. Wane also produces and directs titles for her own label, Taylor Wane Entertainment, and runs websites, and, where she hosts live web feeds, streaming video, chat rooms and other branded content.

Born in Gateshead, England, on Aug. 27, 1968, to a close-knit working-class family, Wane has starred in nearly 300 adult films and videos since her debut in 1990. She also has been a Penthouse Pet (June 1994), a celebrity editor and columnist for scores of men's magazines, a headline dancer on the strip club circuit for eight years and an on-air personality for KSEX radio. She has appeared in hundreds of centerfold spreads between 1989 and the present day and has been photographed by famed Guess jeans photographer Ellen Von Unwerth.

At every turn in the road, the former teen model for British tabloids and women's magazines says she always let her ample breasts lead the way.

"I was always a businesswoman," Wane says. "I knew I had to market myself and push myself in a certain direction that would afford the best way for me to gain the most notoriety. I decided my boobs would be the best vehicle."

Wane is one of the most aggressively branded busty models ever, and she got there by possessing a unique insight into the nature of breast fetishists and the complex splinter markets the niche fetish creates.

Breast-Fed Boob Hounds?
"Nine out of 10 guys who are boob hounds were breast-fed," she theorizes. "And that introduces an oral fixation into the equation."

She uses the career of cannon-chested Summer Cummings to illustrate her point: Cummings, with an augmented 36FF bust, never quite fit into mainstream porn and eventually drifted into the fetish genre, where she developed quite a following as a dominatrix in titles like "Busty Bondage Lesbians" and "Enema Debutantes."

"Summer is an example of a model who really cashed in on the big-boob fixation in another genre and with good reason," Wane says. "The men who watch these videos look upon the models as goddesses; she's the ultimate woman, the ultimate object of femininity and control. Large breasts signify motherhood, they're for feeding babies, so you're the ultimate female if you're this large breasted, dominating, in-control woman."

For Wane, the onscreen role of bra-busting dominatrix came surprisingly easy.

"I never realized I had the talent to be a dominatrix," she said. "I had never tried it. But when I did, my first themed scene for 'Dirty Deeds' (Dreamland USA, 1998) came out very naturally. I don't know why because I'm not a mean person and I'm generally very polite and courteous to people, but for some reason it was very easy to go into this place in my mind."

Wane adds that the aforementioned Freudian oral fixation associated with breast fetishes — from breast suckling as infants — also is well served in the marketplace.

"I've done a lot of smoking fetish videos," she says. "I directed one myself in 2001 for Dreamland called 'My Oral Obsession,' which was all about smoking, large breasts and oral sex - the complete oral obsessive experience in one movie."

Wane had her own breasts augmented in the mid-1990s when a lot of performers were going under the knife. She admits to feeling pressure at the time but is content with her decision.

"My boobs were already big, and they were real," Wane says. "But if you have a small D-cup that's natural, it doesn't seem that big when you compare it to someone like Sandra Scream, who I did a box cover with. My natural D-cup looked absolutely flat-chested next to Sandra's huge triple-D boobs."

Wane made the choice for enhancement from a business point of view. "If I was going to make the big dollars and I was going to get where I wanted to go, I needed to emulate what a star looked like," she says.

Although today's emphasis on youth is an issue she is conflicted about, Wane says the big-breasted model type has more shelf life than other niches.

"The girls that are doing the 'barely legal' look, that's going to run out for them because they're not going to look 18 for 10 years," she says. "If they reach the age of 20 and they still look 18, that's very fortunate because models in this business go through so much wear and tear. But if you fall into the niche of being a big-breasted model, that can go on for a long time because you can easily slip into other niche genres from there."