Password Sentry Helps Secure Members Areas

Stephen Yagielowicz

One of the many things that frustrate paysite owners in a free tube age is the fact that even if you do make a sale, that new member may be likely to share his login credentials.

Fortunately, this is a problem with a number of technological solutions.

Password Sentry prevents authorized users from sharing passwords with unauthorized users.

According to its publisher, Password Sentry ( is a serverbased CGI-Perl application that monitors user logins to a password-protected directory, such as a paysite members’ area, in real time as they occur.

Password Sentry prevents authorized users from sharing passwords with unauthorized users by comparing the number of unique logins performed by a given username against a threshold value defined in the system’s Admin Control Panel. If this value is exceeded, the user’s access is suspended until manually restored via the Admin Control Panel, or automatically via a Cron process. Webmasters are also notified of suspensions via email.

Password Sentry is different from some competitive applications in that it is not an IP counter but rather counts unique logins using a number of metrics including IP address and ISP, browser metrics, geographical metrics such as city, country, latitude/longitude) and other factors to produce an algorithm that ensures false positives (false suspensions) as well as false negatives (failing to identify password sharing) are limited.

Free same-day installation, upgrades and technical support are offered as are sliding scale discounts on multiple licenses, which are required when installing Password Sentry on more than one domain.

At less than $100 for a single domain license, it’s easy to begin using the advanced members’ area protection afforded by Password Sentry. See if it helps your bottom line.