WIA Profile: Sabrina Miller

Women in Adult

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How did you get into the business?

I had spent most of my career marketing for mainstream companies, including several years as the online marketing manager for Tower Records ...

I had spent most of my career marketing for mainstream companies, including several years as the online marketing manager for Tower Records, when I was approached to join Gamma. At the time, I was much more familiar with promoting new albums than porn stars but, it being the height of the recession; I figured sex would be more stable than CDs. Plus, I was raised in a left-of-left eccentric household so not much shocks me.

What in your background prepared you for what you are doing now?

After University, my first job was working for a second hand bookshop where I spent the majority of my time peddling vintage men’s magazines online — including importing large collections of Latin American publications from Uruguay and auctioning them off on eBay to eager collectors. I could probably win any trivia contest on 1940s-1950s garter girls — unless, of course, I was up against Dian Hanson. When I interviewed with Gamma, I was able to take this unconventional knowledge and use it as experience on my resume!

What do you see as the challenges of working in the adult online business? How do you overcome them?

There are certainly stigmas that exist about the adult industry — and probably always will. In my experience, I have spoken with people who truly believe adult businesses are run out of darkly lit basements by perverts in devil costumes. Being a woman in this business can sometimes lead to even wilder misconceptions. As someone who has worked for both large and small mainstream businesses, I stand by the fact that working for Gamma has been the absolute best business environment of my career. As an adult marketer, the opportunities to be progressive, bold, and out-ofthe-box far exceed any mainstream projects I have been involved in. Plus, the adult industry basically invented online marketing … so there is a ton of knowledge and experience to learn from.

Does your work life affect your personal life?

My partner always knows when I’ve been in the office at home — there are 10 windows of porn open on the computer, scribbled notes about the psychology of cam enthusiasts crumpled around the trash can, and a stack of porn DVDs on the desk for “research” purposes. Anyone else might get a stern lecture... but, for us, it just means I’m putting in a little extra work. I also usually have the best work stories to share at potlucks.