A New Idea From An Old Way to Profit


Token-based micro-payment systems offer great profit potential for adult web sites. Since I am currently building a new pay-site, I'm looking at various payment alternatives, and token-based systems seem logical. Unfortunately, the technology hasn't yet lived up to the promise...

For those sites who have a paying member's area, there is a certain amount of avoidable financial loss due to prospect "paranoia." I refer to those visitors who would like to become members, but are afraid, either because of "a fear of the unknown," or a fear of getting caught in a monthly cycle of charges over which they will have no control nor ability to cancel.

Here's an idea that may clear the path for potential buyers to step forward and pay: use the old "token" system — but with a new twist. Simply put, a token system will allow visitors to make "micro-payments," paying only for the content that they wish to view; whether that content is individual photo galleries, video feeds, or what have you...

Using tokens, your new members have a chance to become comfortable with your site, and what it has to offer, without incurring a monthly commitment or a large investment. I've seen this done with "tickets," but feel it would draw more interest with tokens.

A Token We Will Go...
Try leaving your site the way it is for visitors who want a monthly membership, but add a way to buy tokens for those who are curious about the site or concerned about their safety. If need be, copy your existing site and add the token method to the copy; then send your paying members to the original site, and the token users to the new site, which features the same content, but uses different programming to control how much the visitor can see per token.

Here is one method of how this might work: create a way that visitor's use a certain amount of tokens to get into your site, and then whatever they want to see has an additional token cost. When tokens are redeemed, the buyer sees the chosen content.

When the tokens run out, the viewer needs to buy more in order to see more. This method can be used for photo galleries, pay-per view videos, stories, and more! For example, when the the video stops, it will tease the viewer and create a desire to want to see more — and therefore have to pay more to have the show continue!

There is an old saying that goes "Sometimes the old methods are the best methods." This is something that we can identify with in this business, whether you're in a building behind closed doors, sitting in a "peep show" and putting coins in a slot to see more, or online and wanting to see more, the concept is still the same and therefore easily understood. Let's just hope that someone figures out a way to make it work!

This is just one neat idea to help you find success... Use your imagination, find every way possible to make the buyer stay and pay. Good Luck! ~ Ayrora