Naughty America - Keeping it Fresh

John Sanford

Naughty America, one of the most content rich websites in adult entertainment, has spent much of 2011 diversifying its portfolio by creating innovative new brands such as and, as well as showcasing its foundation — “the fantasy.”

“At Naughty America, we’re focused on keeping things fresh and developing stimulating creative that visually conveys the very foundation of our brands — the fantasy,” says CEO Eddie Arenas.

Most affiliates will tell you that it is the niche of a specific fantasy that converts their traffic.

Naughty America’s 30-plus sites were created around fantasies that the everyday American man not only relates to, but likely entertains quietly in his mind on a regular basis, the company says. These fantasies are centered on women he encounters in his daily life, such as the neighborhood MILFs in, or co-workers as seen in Each fantasy is slightly taboo, making it “naughty.”

Part of showcasing the basic fantasies at Naughty America has meant highlighting the differences among the niches displayed in each of its top converting sites. By repackaging these sites and branding them as separate “satellite tours,” Naughty America has been able to further meet the desires of niche-specific affiliates, according to Arenas.

“Most affiliates will tell you that it is the niche of a specific fantasy that converts their traffic,” Arenas says. “By highlighting our proven top-selling fantasies, we aim to further facilitate the success of our affiliates.”

In addition to showcasing the basic fantasies, Naughty America has also created two new, stand-alone brands that are now thriving in their own right: AmateursRaw and Tonights-Girlfriend.

AmateursRaw is a new take on amateur porn starring amateur models, but filmed with professional equipment using high-end lighting and presented in a clean modern format.

TonightsGirlfriend is the new site that is already making an impact in the adult industry, not only because of the unique style in which it is filmed, but also because of the controversial subject matter. Each hour-long Tonights- Girlfriend episode chronicles the detailed events of a highly paid porn-star escort as she meets, accepts payment from, and of course entertains her client.

Naughty America says that TonightsGirlfriend has been converting “like the old days” because it is offering porn consumers something they have actually never seen before. The company explains that the “delicious presentation” combined with the very real fantasy that is becoming more prevalent in society no matter how taboo also has contributed to the site’s success.

‘There is an unfathomable amount of porn on the Internet, everyone knows this,” says the producer of TonightsGirlfriend. “Tonight-Girlfriend stands out not just because it’s visually beautiful, it’s actually different. I have never seen anything quite like this.

“Plus you can’t deny there is something hot about hotel sex. It’s no holds barred. You don’t care who hears, who sees …. It literally gives me the chills every time I see the footage.”